OpenDoor is our accelerator that’s supporting products, services or projects that can make work more inclusive. Meet our first cohort…

Our challenge areas

We’re helping teams inside and outside of organisations develop their solution, find a route to market and reach a wider audience. For our first OpenDoor programme, our focus is on making work more inclusive for everyone.

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Finding work

How can we equip people with the connections, information or tools they need to succeed, while helping employers understand how they might be inadvertently excluding people?

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Inclusive workplaces

How can we create physical workplaces, policies, interview practices or cultures that attract a truly diverse talent pool?

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How can innovation enable everyone to pursue meaningful work throughout their lives, and whatever their circumstances?

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How can we make it easier for people from under-represented groups to start a business, get the funding they need to scale and overcome conscious or unconscious bias?

Meet our cohort…


Autsera is an organisation that empowers children with autism using technology and design thinking to make efficient, affordable and accessible social and communications skills learning tools.

BADU Community uses education, community and the power of sport to broaden, advance, develop and understand young people. BADU Community (which is also a Plexal member) takes a holistic approach, working with schools, young people and their entire family and support networks.

Disability Rights UK is the charity campaigning to strengthen and protect disabled people’s rights so that everyone can participate equally in society. The organisation works  members to influence national policy on independent living, benefits, education, employment, transport, human rights and other issues, shaping policy through direct experience and expertise.

Fledglink Through its free app, Fledglink is on a mission to be the most helpful and supportive platform for diverse young people as they journey through the final years of education and into work. The company’s giving young people equal access to knowledge, support and opportunity.

Grid Smarter Cities, which has also taken part in Plexal’s London RoadLab mobility programme, has developed ADAPT (Assistance for Disabled Air Passenger Travel) to make it easier for people travelling by air to navigate through the airport and access assistance services, including requesting assistance in real-time.

Love Learning, a new venture that’s a collaboration between Plexal members Idea East and Love Language. Love Learning is an in-development suite of services for employers and employees to support workplaces in becoming diversity-ready.

iOrbit, which is also a Plexal member, provides flexible business solutions for entrepreneurs and SMEs in the tech sector. It also offers flexible working contracts to single mothers to help them gain experience and confidence, making it easier for them to get back into work or start a career.

Sociability empowers social inclusion through better accessibility information. Its app allows anyone to quickly and easily find detailed and reliable accessibility information for local shops and hospitality venues. And by partnering with local charities, businesses and community groups, it’s building a reliable, accurate and free crowdsourced database of venue accessibility information.

Pocket Pals is on a mission to transform how children experience the natural world with the use of animation and augmented reality. It aims to become the first animation studio with a focus on natural history, creating a range of products for conservation charities, families and schools.