Apply for OpenDoor

OpenDoor will support products, services or projects that can make work more inclusive.

Our challenge areas

We’ll help teams inside and outside of organisations develop their solution, find a route to market and reach a wider audience. For our first OpenDoor programme, our focus is on making work more inclusive for everyone.

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Finding work

How can we equip people with the connections, information or tools they need to succeed, while helping employers understand how they might be inadvertently excluding people?

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Inclusive workplaces

How can we create physical workplaces, policies, interview practices or cultures that attract a truly diverse talent pool?

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How can innovation enable everyone to pursue meaningful work throughout their lives, and whatever their circumstances?

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How can we make it easier for people from under-represented groups to start a business, get the funding they need to scale and overcome conscious or unconscious bias?

Why apply

Over 12 weeks, we’ll give successful cohort members support and mentorship from business leaders across industries and disciplines, as well as tailored introductions to partners, investors and corporates and free desk space at Plexal.

We’re looking for

Teams: We’re looking to support teams inside or outside of organisations. You don’t need to be a registered company – just be in a team of two or more people.

Impact: Your product, service or project should be aimed at creating long-term impact that addresses the work-related challenges we’ve identified.

User-centric: The team should include people facing the inclusion challenge you’re addressing. Alternatively, you’ll aim to meaningfully include the target audience in your development process.

You’ve got until midnight on 12 July to apply via our online portal

If you’ve got any questions, or if there’s anything we can do to make our application process more inclusive, just get in touch with us on