Product Builder Programme

Accelerating early-stage entrepreneurs from idea to product

Product Builder Programme powered by Barclays Eagle Labs, funded by UK Government

Plexal, the innovation company, has partnered with Barclays Eagle Labs to deliver its Product Builder Programme, which is funded by the UK government.

We’ve designed Product Builder as an online programme that fits around the busy lives of budding entrepreneurs, teaching you how to develop, test, validate and evolve a digital product.

We believe in the power of collaboration and digitally-enabled innovation to solve society’s challenges. And we’re especially interested to hear from entrepreneurs whose ideas for digital products will enable healthy communities and sustainable innovation.  

Throughout our Product Builder Programme you’ll work with experts and meet like-minded founders to share your journey.

What you get

Participants enrolled on the Product Builder Programme will receive support from best-in-class speakers, mentors and course materials to accelerate products from idea to build.  
By the end of the programme, you’ll have rapidly prototyped your digital offering, tested it with users, validated it with industry experts and produced a pitch deck to take it to market – all while retaining equity and intellectual property.

Who it’s for

Our Product Builder Programme is for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of designing and testing a digital product.  Whether you have an innovative idea, a service-based business ready to be digitised, or industry expertise with a challenge to solve, this programme will teach you the core technical and business skills that’ll take you to the next level.


You might be…

  • Future founders with an idea – Whether you have industry or academic expertise and have identified a major challenge within your field or have an innovative idea for a digital product that needs validation, this programme can guide you through the process of building and testing a minimum viable product (MVP). 
  • Businesses looking to digitise – If you’re a service-based business owner with offline revenues, this is your opportunity to learnhow to transform your business into a digital product and take it to the next level. 


Get involved with the Product Builder Programme

Key dates and timelines

2nd May

Applications window opens.

15th June

Applications window closes.

16th-30th June

Application shortlisting.

3rd July

Programme begins.


Product Builder Programme is for you if:

  • You’re energised by solving society’s biggest challenges through digital innovation
  • You understand a particular challenge that you want to solve with digital product or service
  • You’re UK based and would intend to set up your business in the UK
  • You’re an individual, or a team of less than four people
  • If you already have a digital product or service, it is likely at idea or early protype stage
  • If you have set up your business, you have your first few customers and are yet to raise investment.

You don’t need to have:

  • Technical knowledge or past entrepreneurial experience
  • A fully formed product idea – we’ll help you develop this on the programme

We welcome applications from people and teams of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences. You could be a full-time student, or an experienced industry expert looking for a change.

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