UK-Oman Cyber

Connecting the UK and Oman cyber ecosystems

UK-Oman Cyber (formerly called Cyber Oman until September 2023) is a multiyear project created by the UK Oman Digital Hub on behalf of the UK Embassy in Oman, focused on creating a cyber secure ecosystem of SMEs and upskilling the Omani workforce in cybersecurity, all of which is important to create career opportunities, while diversifying and enhancing the country’s economy. 

The UK-Oman Cyber innovation programme is delivered for the FCDO by partners including innovation company Plexal, digital risk management consultancy PGI and innovation development company ALJABR.

In addition to SMEs currently on the programme, our ecosystem includes alumni, entrepreneurs, industry, government, academia and investors.

Led by the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office


Build connections and network through questions, prompts, chats and events. 

Share experiences and advice to help each other with careers, entrepreneurship and cyber challenges. 

Ultimately, achieve the results we want with the strength of a community working towards a common goal. 


We will be sharing more news about the programme. Stay tuned using the hashtag #UKOmanCyber #CyberOman across LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

UK-Oman Cyber


Plexal is leading the Cyber Oman: Economy programme to enable a cyber secure Omani ecosystem and accelerate the growth of Omani startups.

Plexal is a UK innovation company positioned at the heart of the UK’s cyber ecosystem. We work with industry and the government to solve their innovation challenges and collaborate with startups.   

Plexal has delivered Innovate Oman, the Rapid Innovation (RAIN) accelerator, the Omantel Innovation Labs inception, and a series of supporting projects to stimulate and enable the Omani SME ecosystem.


PGI is leading the Cyber Oman: Skills programme to enable a cyber resilient Omani workforce.  

PGI (Protection Group International) is a digital risk management consultancy. Its goal is to understand specific challenges and to help clients build digital resilience. They have worked on projects across all sectors, in over 50 countries, for organisations of all sizes and types.  They provide national capacity building, cyber security services, intelligence services and training and skills development. 

PGI designed the Cyber Resilience Omani Workforc e Framework (CyROW), the Oman cyber academy, and delivered technical cybersecurity training programmes in Oman.


AL JABR is leading the Cyber Oman Community portal, creating a space for cyber industry, government and startups to connect and network.  

AL JABR is an Omani-based innovation development company working towards becoming the leading startup development and accelerator hub in the region. Their mission is to promote, leverage and build a regional hub for startup development through leveraging knowledge and resources, bridging startup innovation with corporate ambition and providing access to financial and human intellect capital.

AL JABR previously worked with Plexal on  Innovate Oman and the Rapid Innovation (RAIN) accelerator.


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