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Innovate UK Scaleup Pilot

Scaling materials, manufacturing, mobility, clean growth and infrastructure systems companies

There’s never been a better time to start a business in the UK


But it’s just as important that the support doesn’t drop off a cliff once a business has taken off and started to grow. In fact, that’s exactly when we need to nurture them the most.


That’s why Plexal has been commissioned by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to identify and support firms that have the potential to scale in specific sectors.


The pilot is focusing on early-stage businesses in the materials, manufacturing, mobility, clean growth and infrastructure systems sectors. As well as creating jobs and economic growth, these companies are defining what we make, the way we move people or goods and how we power our cities. And it’s these innovative businesses that have the potential to tackle our biggest societal challenges, from ageing populations to climate change.

About the pilot

Our pilot is aimed at understanding the needs of companies in specific sectors. We’ll then use those insights to provide bespoke support that helps them address the biggest challenges.

The Innovate UK Scaleup Pilot is divided into two parts:

Part 1

The first stage is all about identifying the general and sector specific challenges companies face when they scale.

We’ve used a questionnaire to understand the growth potential of each business and the addressable barriers they’re facing. We’ve identified challenges across the sectors and stages of a company’s lifecycle.

This data will inform the practical support we offer during the programme, as well as help Innovate UK learn more about how they can support growing businesses in the future. The information we gathered during this stage has been anonymised and shared with all applicants.

Part 2

The second part of the programme is the four-month support period which will launch on 6 November.

This is when we’ll shape the support offered to help each participating company overcome their unique challenges through mentorship and tailored one-on-one support. We’ll also help them make the right connections, whether it’s with investors, academic institutions, industry, a fellow scaleups or public and private sector organisations crying out for their service or product.

Meet the cohort

connected energy

Connected Energy

Connected Energy is a developer and supplier of energy storage systems that utilise second life electric vehicle battery packs, designed to be installed on industrial and commercial sites, reducing electricity costs, generating new revenue streams and increasing supply security.

corrosion radar logo

Corrosion Radar

CorrosionRADAR produces remote sensing technologies and advanced analytics systems for smart infrastructures. Their patent-pending distributed sensing approach to corrosion monitoring allows the move away from manual inspections to automated monitoring, and from reactive to predictive corrosion management.

halo x-ray technologies logo

HALO X-ray Technologies

HALO X-ray Technologies develops new and disruptive materials identification systems for aviation security, medical systems and process control applications. Identification occurs in real-time using commercial-off-the-shelf components and facilitates optimum and cost-effective solutions across all application areas.

hexigone inhibitors logo

Hexigone Inhibitors

Hexigone Inhibitors has developed a safer, highly effective alternative to hexavalent chromate, the commonly used corrosion inhibitor facing an EU ban in 2019. The replacement technology is a smart release coating which significantly outperforms current inhibitors.

somi trailers logo

SOMI Sales

SOMI Trailers has invented a way to save 1 in 4 journeys globally by incorporating the space underneath to carry 31% extra on trucks. The company has won the IGD Supply Chain Excellence Award, the Jaguar Landrover Innovation Award and the Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award.

shadow robot company logo

Shadow Robot Company

The Shadow Robot Company is the world’s leading developer of hands for robots. Their technology is used globally in cutting-edge research labs to advance the state of the art in robotics. They are now moving the technology out of the lab and into the real world.

spiro control logo

Spiro Control

Spiro Control has developed dynamic optimisation technology, enabling consumers to manage distributed energy resources and equipment from batteries and locally generated renewables to commercial buildings and manufacturing processes. Their scalable solution lowers energy costs and maximises storage flexibility.

water fuel engineering logo

Water Fuel Engineering

Water Fuel Engineering has developed an innovative on-board electrolyser, allowing conventional diesel vehicles to operate ‘clean’, reducing greenhouse gases by 80% by combusting fuel in an environment rich in HHO. This accelerates the burn, converting more of the carbon fuel into energy.

Corporates, funders and mentors

How to get involved?


We encourage corporates interested in engaging with innovative companies in the materials, manufacturing, mobility, clean growth and infrastructure systems sectors to get involved in the pilot.

Opportunities range from sponsorship and support to potential partnerships, commercial relationships and investments.

Contact us at to get involved.


Investors looking for supported, high-calibre, high-potential businesses in the materials, manufacturing, mobility, clean growth and infrastructure systems space can explore investment opportunities with cohort members.

Please get in touch at


Our cohort members are gearing up for growth but need some support from scaleup and industry professionals.

If you’re able to support an organisation while building your knowledge of the latest developments in the sector and engaging with peers, corporates, Innovate UK and Plexal’s networks, do get in touch at


There’s never been a better time to start a business in the UK.

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