The Airbus Landing Systems team case study

The Airbus Landing Systems team has a bold ambition to drive innovation and add value to their customers. The leadership team spent a day at Plexal with Innovation Services to look ahead and develop their innovation capabilities.

Plexal delivered a one-day innovation capability workshop. The day gave the team opportunity to:

  • engage with startup innovators
  • reflect on the strengths and development opportunities for how the organisation innovates
  • get hands-on with innovation techniques such as design thinking and lean startup
  • put these to practice through a scenario exercise

The group meet with innovators, developed further capabilities and agreed actions to take back into the business.

“At the Plexal workshop we learnt about the value of a clear vision, mobilising around customer needs and the importance of testing assumptions upfront and early. The insights about how startups approach innovation were particularly helpful for understanding how we can drive further innovation.”