Forbes 30 Under 30: Victory for Cyber Runway leaders behind Naq Cyber and Quantum Dice 

The Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe 2023 list has been revealed to include Naq Cyber founder Nadia Kadhim (29) and Quantum Dice founders George Dunlop, Ramy Shelbaya, Wenmiao Yu (26, 29, 25), all of whom are part of our Cyber Runway community, a programme backed by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT).  

Nadia aims to make cyber security and data compliance easy, accessible and cost-effective with Naq Cyber. She’s a familiar face at Plexal, as part of our NCSC For Startups Alumni with the National Cyber Security Centre, while also participating in our Cyber Runway Ignite programme.

Named within the Technology category, Forbes notes how Nadia moved from law to entrepreneurship, which has seen her mission to help support businesses through GDPR generate 70 customers, a $5.5m valuation and, breaking news, a $1.5m seed round.
Read more on Amsterdam-based Nadia on Forbes.

The Quantum Dice team provides trusted, unpredictable security keys generated from a quantum random number generator. Quantum Dice recently graduated from the Scale stream on our Cyber Runway programme, which concluded with a Graduation Conference, noting that their goal was “to attract partners and customers to realise the full value of true randomness for trusted security”. 

Also positioned within the Technology category, Forbes highlighted Quantum’s ambitious pledge its random number generators will be the world’s fastest and its $5.8m investment to date.
Read more on Oxford University spinout Quantum Dice on Forbes. 

At Plexal, it’s important to us that the connections we’ve made and continue to make – in our workspaces, on our programmes, through partnerships, at events – are all nurtured. We want the people and businesses within our ecosystem to stay united because collaboration is key for innovation to thrive and prosperity to be created. 

So, when it comes to members of our ecosystem celebrating their wins, you can be sure we’ll gladly raise a glass to their success too – and it’s safe to say we’ll be reaching for the bubbly now…

Congratulations again, Nadia, George, Ramy and Wenmiao! We look forward to witnessing your ongoing journeys.