Password killer, spacetech specialists and circular supply chain among 25 rapid-growth firms to join Scaleup Programme

In spring, we revealed an exciting new partnership with Barclays Eagle Labs for its Scaleup Programme, which is delivered by Plexal and funded by the UK government. We’ve designed it to cover a six-month period, during which we’ll help scaleups succeed while navigating their rapid growth roadmap.

Factoring in the complex day-to-day situations that occur as part of scaling up, our Scaleup Programme will cover scenarios such as encountering an uncertain economic environment to maintaining company culture while increasing headcount. 

After months of developing the programme, scouting for companies to participate and processing applications, we’re thrilled to reveal the 25 scaleups that will form the first Scaleup Programme cohort. 

Commenting on the launch, Saj Huq, CCO and Head of Innovation at Plexal, said: “The launch of our Scaleup Programme with Barclays Eagle Labs is a significant moment. It evolves our existing relationship, having already collaborated on DiSH Manchester and Product Builder Programme.

“Over six years,  Plexal’s developed a connected ecosystem of founders, mentors, investors, government officials, academia and customers working across countless emerging technology sectors to solve national security and societal challenges. Scaleup Programme will provide the 25 innovative digital tech scaleups forming our cohort with support from our network, but equally enhance the overall ecosystem with a fresh wave of talented leaders that can enhance the UK’s prosperity.” 

Matthew Corbidge, Head of Barclays Eagle Labs, said: “It’s great to hear that Plexal has announced the 25 scaleups for the programme and we’re excited to see so many businesses who are leading advancements in technology to tackle societal challenges in the UK. 

“The scaleup programme is designed to support with the complex challenges that scaling your business brings. We’re proud to help deliver content that is tailored to address the unique scenarios faced by the nation’s fastest growing scaleups, giving them the tools to grow and succeed in the future.”

Our Scaleup Programme participants are: 

Again is the supply chain infrastructure powering circular packaging, helping brands to reduce their packaging waste by allowing them to reuse the same packaging again and again.  

Akrivia Health possesses a rich repository of real-world data (RWD) in neuroscience, enabling AI-driven applications for mental health and dementias research and clinical trial optimisation. 

Beattie Passive helps housing providers to decarbonise their properties, tackle fuel poverty, raise living standards and combat climate change through energy efficient design and sustainable building practices. 

Boodil is a pay-by-bank payment platform with a mission of increasing adoption of Open Banking payments, benefitting both merchants and consumers. 

Bright Ascension is a space software company providing products and services to support the next generation of space systems and applications. 

Bubo helps B2B businesses with complex data, such as distributors, use the power of AI to improve their pricing by 3% while its customer motion detector provides visibility of customer churn. 

Cloud8 is a platform with simple set-up and UI so that SMEs can offer their employees benefits and financial guidance to help them gain financial security.  

Datore is an Analytics-as-a-Service business for the built environment that provides everything needed (infrastructure, software & people) to start getting value from data for a low fixed monthly cost. 

Evolve is a B2B fintech company with financial education at its core, having pioneered an online financial education platform designed to empower employees.  

Fabric creates safe and loving homes for young people in need. To help support this work, the founders also created Stella, a bespoke childcare management system that’s been designed by the sector for the sector. 

G.Digital trains tech businesses in building and hiring diverse teams, while addressing the issue at a grassroots level by going to schools and universities to educate girls about tech roles. 

Krucial is a digital solutions provider that provides access to mission-critical data for the energy industry from its remote and hard-to-reach assets, using a combination of state-of-the-art satellite and cellular technology combined with IoT and cloud services. 

Kythera AI is creator of an advanced AI toolset empowering users to develop 2D and 3D immersive environments with AI, complete with out-the-box integration. 

Metricell uses AI technology to detect road conditions through a mobile application, allowing anybody to become a road surveyor, believing SmartVision is the future of highway maintenance. 

Mintago is an FCA-regulated company providing a complete and inclusive financial wellbeing solution that equips its users with over 1,000 pieces of educational material, access to financial advisers, a Money Helper AI tool and a dashboard that allows full pension management.  

Mintelium is a mobile data bank built with blockchain infrastructure to securely store and share a worker’s verified credentials during the recruitment and onboarding process. 

Planet Computers is a UK manufacturer of mobile phones and network appliances that recently launched its range of low-power network appliances with aims to scale up to create the NextGen consumer computing ecosystem. 

Raven provides a software solution for the management of venue and event operations, leveraging AI to change the industry and create efficiencies, cut costs and keep people safe. 

SatVu was founded to capture high-resolution thermal data from space for a safer and more sustainable earth, using infrared technology to monitor locations on earth in near real-time to measure the impact of human activity. 

Signumology specialises in creating applications for healthcare organisations, providing robust tools that streamline processes, improve patient care, and enhance operational efficiency.  

Skenario Labs builds digital representations of every building, everywhere, observing how energy efficient they are to help owners, investors, insurers and governments make the most financially and environmentally beneficial decisions. 

Tembo Money is a digital mortgage business focused on maximising the benefits from intergenerational wealth transfer by helping families support each other with purchasing and financing homes. 

Vault X was co-founded by four trading card and collectible card enthusiasts and has quickly grown to become one of largest suppliers of trading card accessories in the UK, Europe, and the US with a digital direct-to-consumer model.

We Are Fulfilment is disrupting the supply chain industry by focusing on communication and automation, receiving, housing and sending goods on behalf of partners after plugging in with their ecommerce outlet.

Zally is a deeptech company on a mission to understand unique patterns in human activities for authentication of users, passively and continuously, in a bid to kill passwords.