Labour leader Keir Starmer speaks at UCL, Here East

Keir Starmer speaking at UCL East

Fresh from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s first speech of 2023 taking place at Plexal Stratford, the Here East campus has had another high-profile political visit – this time from leader of the Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer.

The leader of the opposition made his way to UCL on Here East, a stone’s throw from Plexal, where he outlined his vision for the future.

“I believe in our country, I believe in our businesses, I believe in our people and I believe in our spirit,” the MP said. He pointed to the presence of British spirit being witnessed for the Queen’s funeral, as the nation welcomed Ukrainian refugees, and applauded “the creative industries fighting back from the pandemic.”

Advocating for his surroundings, Keir Starmer added: “It’s our universities, our young people, the researchers in this building and those like it. Our manufacturing genius, our superpower services, our startups and innovators. The green entrepreneurs, the builders and retrofitters, insulators and engineers, who will bring us energy independence and cheaper bills. The scientists making healthcare more responsive – saving more lives.”

Plexal is the innovation company solving society’s challenges and our mission is to close the gap between organisations through collaboration – with government, startups, industry and academia. Working towards a common goal, we’re using science and technology to unlock innovation, delivering prosperity and ensuring national security. 

With the Prime Minister professing his enthusiasm for innovation at the heart of everything we do, and Labour’s Keir Starmer highlighting the work of scientists, startups and innovators, it’s great to hear both party leaders are in support of the technology market.