Applications open for AWS European Defence Accelerator

A large radiotelescope with orange gradient

AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Plexal nurture startup innovation to create national security mission advantage.

Opportunity for startups globally to apply for our AWS European Defence Accelerator and help solve the many complex challenges impacting European national security organisations.

The rise of cyber threats, climate change and rapid technological advancements create complex challenges that businesses and citizens must adapt to and, as a result, it’s increasingly essential for national security organisations to monitor and manage these risks.

In response, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Plexal have launched the AWS European Defence Accelerator to strengthen and diversify the solutions provided across land, air, maritime, space and cyber domains.

Our new four-week programme is open to startups globally who are keen to work with defence organisations across Europe. This will create the chance for both parties to share a critical national security mission and generate a competitive advantage against threats by nurturing innovation.

National security organisations are increasingly reliant on cloud support. Therefore, AWS and Plexal want to hear from startups, which can demonstrate use of AWS Cloud technologies to support critical mission needs across five key areas including: 

  1. Energy resilience 
  2. Secure information sharing 
  3. Sensing and decision making 
  4. Quantum 
  5. Cyber resilience 

All applicants must be revenue-generating with an existing customer base and will be assessed on the following factors:

  • The project’s innovative and unique nature
  • The team’s ability to deliver a solution
  • The creative uses of AWS services to develop the solution
  • The overall value of the solution to defence customers

Saj Huq, Plexal’s CCO and Head of Innovation, says: “At Plexal, we’re closing the gap between organisations – small and large, local and global, private and public – to create the conditions for collaborative innovation that can solve society’s challenges. Our three pillars are emerging technologies, national security and prosperity, so we’re delighted to further our work with AWS on the AWS European Defence Accelerator, which brings our focus areas together.

“Through our extensive work across the cyber sector, we recognise national security isn’t solely defending the UK from traditional threats from nation states and has become more multi-faceted than ever, requiring protection both offline and online. We’re committed to working with AWS, defence organisations and startups to prevent threats and ensure continuity of our way of life.”