Workplace health and safety at Plexal

How we’re making our workspace safe and healthy for all members, staff and visitors

Plexal has always been a champion for collaboration and coming together – and that’s not changed. But the safety of our members is our top priority.

Here’s a summary of our practices so you have all the information you need to feel comfortable about your decision to work from Plexal, or allow your team to return to work from our centre. We’re continuing to monitor the health and safety situation and government guidance, and we’re ready to adapt our processes.


We’ve significantly increased both the frequency and intensity of our cleaning regimes. These measures include:

  • having cleaning staff dedicated to different parts of Plexal so a cleaner is always on hand
  • introducing new CAFT (common areas frequently touched) cleaning staff during peak hours to concentrate on cleaning areas that are frequently used like as door handles and railings
  • introducing a compulsory 15-minute break between meeting room bookings so we can clean them between meetings
  • providing antiviral wipes in all meeting rooms and throughout Plexal for members to use
  • introducing a new deep clean every three weeks. This involves a fogging process using a virucidal product that leaves an anti-viral residue on hard and soft surfaces, giving some protection against viruses for one month
  • using increased strength viricidal cleaning products for every day cleaning that leave a residue that continues to kill viruses for a period of time after a surface is cleaned
  • encouraging a clean desk policy throughout Plexal so our evening clean can be as thorough as possible


We’re also:

  • providing hand sanitiser throughout Plexal, both on the ground floor and on the mezzanines
  • ensuring our sinks have plenty of kitchen roll and hand wash
  • providing disposable gloves behind our reception desk, should members ask for a pair
  • encouraging members to wash their hands and practice good hygiene through signage placed around the centre
  • providing new pedal bins in each kitchen to ensure touch-free disposal facilities
  • providing a new PPE disposal bin so that disposable masks, gloves and other protective wear can be safely disposed of on arrival


If you’ve got any questions at all, you can reach our community team on or our chief operating officer Kate Pearman on