We’ve joined the London Micromobility Alliance

Our micromobility members Ginger and Bird are working hard to demonstrate the role e-scooters can play in Britain’s transport network through real-world pilots, while the UK government has legalised trials of rental e-scooter schemes. And to champion the rollout of micromobility in the capital, Plexal has joined the London Micromobility Alliance along with think tank the Centre for London and 15 other organisations.

Together, we’ve published an open letter calling on the government to “state its long term intention to legalise the widespread use of e-scooters, using evidence from the trials to inform regulation”.

Our open letter also says:

“Building on the great progress with walking and cycling in recent months, micromobility vehicles are a low carbon alternative to cars. But they need new policies and new language.”

Read the full letter on Center for London’s website.