The Plexal Picturehouse presents: Game of Thrones season eight watch parties

There’s a distinct chill in the air at Plexal…and it’s coming from Centre Stage, which is where our members are gathering every Monday to catch the latest episode from the eighth season of Game of Thrones.

This Plexal Cinema experience is open to members, friends of Plexal and anyone interested in our community. So sign up on Eventbrite, grab a deckchair and settle in for the final season.

Bonus help for Game of Thrones newbies

Even if you’ve never watched an episode in your life, it’s never too to get caught up. Folu Fabowale-Makinde, Plexal’s innovation associate, has helpfully shared a range of options to suit every commitment level:

  • If all you have is a lunch break, then this 15 minute video summarising all the key points is for you
  • If you can spare an evening, then this playlist offers a more detailed recap for each season in just three hours
  • However, if you have a few weekends free or a couple days of annual leave spare, then Now Tv is streaming all seven seasons (approx. 67 hours) and offering a seven-day free trial. According to Folu, “this is the recommended option, it will be worth it”.

Screening dates

  • 7.30pm, Monday April 29
  • 7.30pn, Monday May 13
  • 7.30pm, Monday May 20 – this will be the season (and series) finale

We’ll be watching the latest episode from 7.30pm, but we suggest you come a little earlier to grab a drink and pick an optimum seat. Post-episode group hugs for emotional support are entirely optional, but will be available.

Please note: there will be no watch parties on April 22 and May 6, which are bank holidays.