Ten Manchester cyber startups to watch – and how you can join them

Built with a specific Greater Manchester ecosystem focus, the Digital Security Hub (DiSH) Accelerator Programme has taken the North West area by storm through its cutting-edge approach to helping local digital and cyber startups reach their full potential and we’re over the moon to be a part of it!

Barclays Eagle Labs has been leading the consortium behind DiSH, with Plexal the innovation partner delivering the programme. It’s designed to offer a dynamic combination of workshops, masterclasses, mentorship and ecosystem introductions to give entrepreneurs the resources they need to succeed. 
Our first DiSH Accelerator Programme has just concluded with its highly anticipated Demo Day where participants got to show off their businesses to an excited audience of investors, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs.  

Here’s a closer look at the ten exciting Manchester startups that got involved: 

Age Check Certification Scheme is making sure the identity and age verification onboarding processes are top-notch. With liveness detection and presentation attack detection (for both biometrics and document uploads), it’s working hard to prevent people from fooling the system into thinking they’re someone they’re not. 

Amicis is providing peace of mind to organisations with its Zero-Day threat detection, prevention, and remediation services. With just minutes of service go-live, businesses can innovate, differentiate, grow and scale without any worries. 

CyberPro is a company that helps people find their perfect career path in the field of cyber security. It tailors their guidance based on each individual’s unique interests, skills, and aspirations to ensure a fulfilling and successful career.

Cybione is making cyber security certifications affordable and accessible to everyone, recognising one small business in the UK gets hacked every 19 seconds. With guided processes to certification discovery and compliance, it’s making it easier for SMEs to protect themselves. 

Cyphere has a two-step plan to solve the biggest security concerns for SMEs. First, it’s replacing traditional one-time penetration testing with continuous security testing and customer visibility into their weaknesses. Then, it’s using a risk-focused approach to remediation, instead of the never-ending “patch everything” mentality.

Cytix has a PTaaS security testing solution that’s changing the game. With continuous validation of security issues, it’s turning noise and false positives into actionable information. And with intelligent integration into existing security tools, it’s consolidating data into a single workstream of vulnerabilities. 

Proofmarked is bootstrapping trust and legitimacy to the web. With a hyper-personalised model of trust that people understand instinctively, it’s building the missing tools to displace cybercriminals’ ability to abuse the agnostic nature of the web. 

RiskSmart believes risk and compliance managers deserve better. Comprising former risk professionals, the team is changing the game by putting data and simplicity back into risk management. With a focus on solving outdated systems and processes, it’s helping businesses navigate today’s tricky landscape with ease. 

Rybec has a team made up of former police officers and GDPR experts, possessing a mission to help people stay secure. By providing awareness and training to schools – including parents, teachers and students – it’s tackling rising risks and guiding the next generation of underappreciated cyber talent. 

Wardwiz aims to be the go-to source of online safety advice for parents. With a range of products including parental control features and advice, it’s empowering parents to protect their families from the dangers of the internet. 

The Demo Day was the perfect opportunity for these innovative startups to shine and make valuable connections with potential investors, partners, and customers as they gear up to take their lessons to market now their time on the programme has come to an end. 

But as one door closes, another one opens – so now it’s your chance to be spotlighted among the cyber startups from the local area to watch as we officially begin the search for DiSH cohort two.

To refresh, DiSH is a three-month accelerator programme aimed at digital security startups with a product/service offering, or consultancies interested in productisation. It’s open to businesses based in Greater Manchester or those prepared to embrace the region’s tech ecosystem, which is home to GCHQ offices and a surging security sector. 

The DiSH ambition is to create over 1,000 jobs in Greater Manchester and support 500 startups and we want you to be a part of our mission.

Support the startups will receive includes: 

  • Free access to the DiSH workspace for the duration of the programme 
  • Investment readiness and funding support 
  • Business masterclasses 
  • One-to-one mentoring 
  • Pitch coaching 
  • Industry introductions 
  • Events with networking opportunities 

If you’re interested, please apply at https://labs.uk.barclays/dish/dish/dish-accelerator/ or direct any questions to stuart.nelson@plexal.com before applications close on 19th March.