Telecoms challenge

Plexal is working with SMEs, the government and industry leaders to diversify the UK's telecoms market and uncover what the role of SMEs could be

The government wants to stimulate the UK telecoms market by making it more diverse and breaking down the barriers that are preventing homegrown startups and SMEs from providing services.

Enter Plexal. We’re using our open collaboration approach to bring together the government, telecoms industry leaders, startups and SMEs.

Through a 12-week sprint, we’re uncovering opportunity areas for SMEs to partner with or supply large organisations that already play a leading role in telecoms.

We’ll develop robust business cases, technology roadmaps and investment plans.

Our aim? That these companies will be able to supply products or services that contribute to the UK’s telecoms capability.

We’ll work with startups, industry, investors and the government to explore the question: how can we create a diverse, commercial ecosystem for private telecoms networks – and how will society benefit?


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