Introducing TechUK’s Cyber Security SME Forum

TechUK invited one of Plexal’s directors, James Gayner MBE, to become the co Vice-Chair of the new Cyber Security SME Forum (CSSMEF), which is in line with Plexal’s continued mission to build the UK’s most connected cyber ecosystem.

The CSSMEF provides a chance for cyber SME members to connect, collaborate and engage with government and industry stakeholders like the National Cyber Security Centre and the UK Cyber Security Council.

The Forum will be Chaired by a Chair and Vice-Chair from an SME company from the TechUK membership community, who will be elected as part of the Cyber Management Committee elections on a two-yearly basis. The Forum will hold four themed SME networking sessions per year and two briefing sessions from Government and key stakeholders.

The CSSMEF Launch took place on 19 January 2023 in London and James said of the event: “It was a real pleasure to join Chair Stuart Mckean (Nine23) and fellow Vice Chair Andy Hague (Cyber Fort Group) at techUK’s London office for the launch of the new Cyber Security SME Forum.

“The Forum seeks to include a broad grouping of SME companies working in the Cyber Security sector and will provide opportunities for them to further their development within the sector, connect with peers and potential collaborators, and provide opportunities for engagement with key government and industry stakeholders, such NCSC and the UK Cyber Security Council.”

The inaugural session looked at the National Cyber Strategy 2022. They welcomed Andrew Elliot, Deputy Director of Cyber Security at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to talk through that and other HMG cyber initiatives, including DCMS’ Cyber Runway programme which Plexal is proud to deliver with DCMS.

With 90 actively engaged attendees, many of whom were in person, the Forum is off to a great start and we look forward to building on that as the year progresses.

To find out more contact James Gayner from Plexal or Freddie McSwinney, Programme Manager for Defence and Cyber at TechUK.