Meet workspace member Canopy – improving vehicle security with AI

Canopy's full UK team poses by a truck in their workshop.

Meet our Plexal Stratford workspace member Canopy, a joint venture between Ford and ADT, that’s designing smart vehicle security systems to protect vehicles and their contents from theft.

Canopy’s technology combines acoustic sensors, onboard cameras, radar, LTE and GPS, and takes advantage of AI technology to identify and distinguish real threats from false alarms.

A canopy employee attaches a sensor to the inside of the rear window of a pickup truck.

A full shot of Canopy's vehicle workshop, showing people at desks and vehicles in open spaces.

Born out of Ford Motor Company’s new development unit, Canopy combines ADT’s professional security monitoring and Ford’s AI-driven video camera technology. The parents have invested a combined $100m in Canopy, and the team is growing at pace with more than 20 hires in just the last few months.

Canopy moved into Plexal Stratford private office to take advantage of our innovation community and adaptable coworking facilities. We even replaced one of the exterior walls of its workshop with a sliding door that allows Canopy to drive its test vehicles right into the building!

It also has another workshop based across the pond in Detroit for its North American operations.

Two canopy employees work at a laptop in Plexal.

The Canopy workshop as seen from the outside, through the new sliding doors.

Since joining Plexal workspace, Canopy has made excellent progress with its product and technology offering. It’s steadily perfecting an aftermarket accessory for commercial trucks and vans, which it will look to integrate with all Ford vehicles before seeking factory-vehicle integrations with other manufacturers. Canopy showcased its solution alongside ADT at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, and recruitment for the first product pilot test has begun in the US.

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