Organisations deal with a large volume of threats but manually ranking threats or vulnerabilities and deciding which ones to address first can cause delays.


RankedRight automatically ranks vulnerabilities based on the rules set by its user, factoring in what’s critical to the business and delegating it to the most appropriate person to resolve.

This means teams spend less time on vulnerability administration and more time on keeping their companies safe.

The platform:

  • ingests data from the user’s scanners
  • layers on the most up to date vulnerability intelligence
  • ranks live vulnerabilities based on the prioritisation rules the user has set
  • assigns vulnerabilities to the teams responsible

There are no secret algorithms. The user is always in control and the platform is priced to help all businesses – even those without big cybersecurity budgets – to have more control over their vulnerability management efforts.


RankedRight has gathered feedback from its demonstrations but it wants more feedback from the NCSC. This will inform its product development roadmap and go-to-market strategy.

The startup is also keen to develop its vulnerability intelligence knowledge base and uncover trends and intelligence from the NCSC.

“There’s so much we could do with the product. So far we’ve been prioritising our roadmap based on customer feedback but we’d hugely benefit from input from the NCSC on what features to prioritise in the future or even where else we could be looking to gather even better threat intelligence.”

– Thomas MacKenzie, CEO, RankedRight

The company initially thought selling to the public sector would be too complicated and lengthy a process. But it’s close to signing a European government entity as a client with relative ease, so the startup is interested in accessing support that could help it become a supplier to the public sector in the UK.