Plexal member Bidstack acquired for £6.8m by Kin Group

Having started life as a crowdfunded startup, Bidstack has announced that it’s been acquired by Kin Group for £6.8m.

The Plexal member has a native, multi-platform in-game advertising solution that delivers dynamic and targeted ads for the global video games industry – an industry that’s expected to generate $137.9bn in revenue this year. Bidstack’s solution is getting developers and publishers excited because it allows them to monetise their games more effectively.

Explaining the appeal in an announcement on its website, Kin Group said: “The Directors believe that Bidstack is a dynamic young business in a sector which they believe is capable of significant growth, and that the proposed reverse takeover presents the Company and its shareholders with an exciting opportunity to invest in a business with significant potential in a developing technology sector.”

Watch this space because we expect bidstack to emerge as a major player in the sector.