Plexal contributes to whitepaper on the state of cycling in the UK

Get on your bike: seems simple enough, but why aren’t more people taking up cycling in the UK? And why is it that, according to Transport for London, most outdoor cyclists are white middle class men?

To get to the heart of topic and uncover opportunities to get more people embracing pedal power indoors and outdoors, Les Mills, the digital fitness company, and ukactive, the organisation aiming to boost activity levels in the UK, hosted a group of industry experts at a roundtable. You can read all about what was discussed in the Cycling Innovation in the Physical Activity Sector report.

Russell Gundry, head of innovation strategy at Plexal, contributed to the report and said:

“We’re reaching an inflection point: multiple technologies are combining to transform the way that we travel, and the way that we exercise. The humble bicycle remains an elegant and simple piece of tech that enables active travel, and yet we know that engagement in cycling in the UK is not what it could be. We want to understand more about why this is – and and do something about it.”

The report’s launch also comes on the back of Plexal member Badu Sports’ news that it’s been awarded funds from Cycling Grants London, which will help Badu Sports encourage more people in the Hackney area to get on their bikes, stay active and enjoy the benefits of safe cycling.