Our new hot desking zone is optimised for accessibility

hot desks at Plexal

As a delivery partner of the East London Inclusive Enterprise Zone, which aims to support disability-led innovation, Plexal’s made a number of changes already to optimise our physical workspace for accessibility. And our latest change is the upgrading of a hotdesking zone in the middle of Plexal.

We’ve worked with a whole community of partners, including Disability Rights UK, the Global Disability Innovation Hub, Scope, Here East and University College London, to design a space that anyone with a seen or unseen disability can comfortably work in.

The space features:

  • improved acoustics and noise reduction for people who might find it disorientating to work in a noisy environment
    changes to the floor to reduce the level of glare. The living moss we’ve put in helps with this.
  • 32 height-adjustable desks. You can work while sitting or standing at a height that suits you.
  • accessible desks: we’ll make sure that four desks in the area are left without a chair so there will be accessible space for wheelchair users
  • a breakfast bar overlooking Canalside

Come along and try it out!

living moss at Plexal

Living moss contributes to better sound acoustics

Our desks are height-adjustable