Oman hackathon winners at Plexal

This week, on 18 January 2023, we hosted a visit at Plexal Stratford, East London, with hackathon winners from Oman as part of our wider Cyber Oman programme activity.

The three visitors, Khalid Al Rashdi, Mohsina Firdous K and Salim Al-Badi, were part of teams that won a hackathon competition related to investments and financial services. The goal of the hackathon was to create a model that forecasted the next 20 days’ investments.

Over a three-day period at Al Majlis Artificial Intelligence Hackathon in Muscat, the teams succeeded in reaching this goal and an individual from each team was chosen to travel to the UK to learn more about cyber security and meet various professionals within the industry.

The winners attended the CyberThreat Conference and visited the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) to learn more about the collaboration between the UK and Oman. They heard from two of our innovative startups at Plexal, Licel and Bilic. Licel provides powerful in-app protection and threat intelligence to keep apps safe for end users across the globe and Bilic is a cyber security startup with a focus on digital asset forensics, fraud prevention and secured payment services.

The winners also heard from our Plexal colleagues about how we work to develop and support the cyber ecosystem by forging connections between industry, academia, investors, startups and scaleups. 

The visit was facilitated by the British Embassy in Oman and digital risk management consultancy PGI.