NCSC For Startups 2023 begins: AI assistance, digital fingerprinting and more

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Plexal, the innovation company closing the gap between government, startups and industry, have welcomed a new intake of talented cyber companies to the NCSC For Startups programme.

Over the course of 12 weeks, four startups will receive technical expertise, insights and guidance from the NCSC, Plexal and partners. The programme is designed to help them develop their business, enhance solutions, adapt their current technology and generate ideas to meet the biggest cyber security challenges facing the UK. 

The four companies who join the programme are: 

  • Lexverify is an AI-powered assistant that prevents legal and compliance risks on electronic communication in real time. This saves companies time and money, protects their reputation, and provides continuous training to employees.
  • RoboShadow is a cyber security startup aiming to bridge the cyber technology gap for everyone through simple software with advanced functionality that’s free or ultra-low cost. 
  • Rowden Technologies is working on the digital fingerprinting of devices to help secure networks. The business integrates, customises and operationalises advanced technology from a wider ecosystem that it orchestrates for government customers.
  • ZORB Security provides cyber protection for business employees who need to access confidential data from outside of the corporate office. 

Saj Huq, CCO and head of innovation at Plexal, says: “As threats evolve and our critical national infrastructure faces new challenges, it is important that we look for new opportunities to harness emerging technologies to strengthen the UK’s digital economy and drive greater cyber resilience. This requires cross-sector innovation and collaboration between government, startups and industry, and we’re delighted to welcome our latest intake of talented leaders to our first NCSC For Startups Programme of 2023. 

“This latest intake of innovators joins an expanding ecosystem of collaborators all working to make the UK the safest place to live and work online. This includes the NCSC For Startups alumni of over 60 companies who have collectively raised over £430m and created over 700 jobs nationwide to date.”