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It’s time to reimagine roadworks

Roadworks get in the way of city life and contribute to delays on London’s roads, costing over £2 billion every year.

So Plexal and TfL invited innovators to transform London’s roads; making them safer, smarter and more inclusive during roadworks.

During the 10-week programme innovators received funds and expert advice to scale their solutions at real pilot sites together with TfL, Plexal and a consortium of some of the nation’s largest utilities providers.

Now that the programme has been completed, TfL has entered into commercial negotiations with four members of our cohort: Mobilized Construction, Route Reports, Immense Simulations and SAM. Watch this space…


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RSK Environment

Leading provider of engineering and environmental consultancy, and technical support services.


Geve integrate and visualise geographical & engineering data for construction projects into a 3D virtual environment, where stakeholders can seamlessly collaborate in a centralised platform for a streamlined and cohesive project delivery.

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Social Asset Management

SAM is an AI powered disruption detection and monitoring tool. We deliver speedy alerts and situational awareness through the lens of social media.

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Oxford Plastic

Oxford Plastics design award-winning safety solutions for the Utilities & Construction industries. Composite trench covers, safety barriers and plastic street furniture manufacturer. Be safe and be compliant with Oxford Plastics.

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Grid Smarter Cities

Grid Smarter Cities is a smart city eco-system of smart but simple solutions, connecting communities and people with transport, parking, goods and services. At Grid, we think we can change how citizens interact and navigate around our cities. We want to make our urban centres more efficient, more helpful and quite simply, ‘smarter’.

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Route Reports

Route Reports provides UK and US public transport and infrastructure providers with custom IoT hardware and a state-of-the-art dashboard powered by machine learning to streamline their operations and get insights from their fleet, route conditions and passengers.

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Mobilized Construction

Mobilized Construction provides high frequency road quality data and analytics to monitor networkwide road health and deterioration in real-time. We attach our sensors into any vehicle in less than 10-minutes to turn it into an automated data collector. There is 0 additional cost or safety risk to collect data as vehicles are already driving and no further action is needed from drivers, passengers, or engineers to collect and transmit data. City planners, engineers, and managers view data and insights online from any computer to increase access of data and eliminate the need to install additional software.

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EMU Analytics

Emu Analytics are a UK SME offering highly innovative data processing and visualisation software specifically for spatial and temporal data sets. These are typically produced by IOT sensors, Smart Cities Initiatives, Transport, Energy and Telecoms networks and are used to better understand how populations and infrastructure services are moving and performing.

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Immense Simulations

Immense are a software company enabling intelligent transportation. We have built a software platform that revolutionises how transport stakeholders use simulation to make informed decisions associated with the movement of people and goods. Our cloud-hosted SaaS platform provides detailed, data-driven ‘worlds’ that enable advanced strategic and operational decision support to increase efficiencies, improve services and reduce the environmental impact of the whole transport eco-system – from public authorities to transport operators to urban developers and beyond.



Streets that take everyone into consideration

Streets must be accessible to all Londoners and TfL has made a lot of progress in achieving its Healthy Streets vision. How do we leverage technology to make our roads even more inclusive during maintenance and upgrades?


Safer roadworks for all Londoners

TfL has already implemented solutions to achieve its Vision Zero goal on our roads, but how do we minimise the health and safety risks for workers and the public even further during roadworks?


Inspiring innovation to make roadworks smarter

Developments in smart technology across all industries are already shaping London into a city of the future. But how can we take advantage of new and untried solutions to minimise the impact of roadworks?


The London RoadLab programme was a new way for TfL to work with businesses and tackle some of the capital’s transport challenges as our city keeps growing and evolving.

Over 10 weeks, the cohort worked alongside TfL, its utilities partners and Plexal’s innovation team to develop and test new tech-based solutions that make roadworks smarter, safer and more inclusive.

The RoadLab turned London into a living lab, giving the companies funding, advice, data expertise and access to real pilot sites. They then pitched their ideas at a demo day to have the chance to be considered for a longer-term opportunity with TfL.

Simply put, TfL, Plexal and our programme partners believe that by working with innovators we can make new and previously untested technologies in roadworks environments work for everyone.

Read more about TfL’s future plan for London’s roads here.


Get support and expert advice from TfL, its utilities partners and Plexal’s innovation team throughout the 10-week programme. We’re here to help you develop, test and commercialise your solution.

Pilot sites

Ideas are great, but will they work in the real world? We’ll give you access to real pilot sites around London so you can test and tinker with your solution.


Successful applicants will get funding towards scaling their solution.


TfL’s data experts will be on hand to help you use data insights from across London’s transport network.


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