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The Earth spins at about 1,000 miles an hour each day. But you don’t notice this because you, and everything else on the planet, is also spinning at the same, constant speed.

Change is happening all around us, with new technology and societal trends tilting businesses off course in small and big ways. We think companies that have a sense of purpose have the ability to be a force for good in the world, impacting on everything from how we power our cities to what we put in our bodies.

If you work with our innovation services team, you can expect us to listen, question and challenge you to find out what you really need. We’ll craft a completely bespoke programme and build an engine that delivers sustainable growth for your business in the long term.

We’ll focus on outcomes that are bold and audacious – but also achievable and tied to your goals. Are you ready?

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Scale ideas across borders and within companies using our deep networks and partnerships

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Draw on the latest industry insights, trends and expert analysis

Forge connections and deep collaboration between corporates, academia, creatives and tech startups across sectors – innovation is borne out of diversity

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Identify the right metrics so we really understand what’s working

Tap into the entrepreneurial creativity at Plexal, where tech startups are innovating in everything from AI, cybersecurity and the Internet of Things to data analytics, augmented reality and healthtech

Rebels with a cause: meet our team

Our team of innovators has decades of experience in delivering revenue-generating innovation programmes, enabling organisation-wide cultural shifts and helping businesses plan for – and thrive on – change.

Tony Markovski

Director of innovation

Part mad professor (he holds degrees in Engineering Physics and Medicine and has a Masters in Psychology) and part business growth specialist, Swedish-born Markovski has business acumen, creativity and a genuine love of people in spades.

After spending 15 years spearheading change at Google, Adobe, Bazaarvoice and WPP, he’s helping Plexal’s clients transform their businesses and build purpose-driven teams that ultimately results in measurable growth. A believer in the power of behavioural insights and good old-fashioned empathy, he understands that innovation is carried out by people first and foremost.

In short, the sort of person you want holding your hand as you propel forwards into the next industrial revolution.

Lydia Ragoonanan

Director, LORCA

Lydia Ragoonanan is the programme lead for the London Cyber Innovation Centre. She caught the bug to support collaboration between startups and large organisations during her four years at Nesta, where she designed and ran programmes to test and scale new social innovations.

Before working at Nesta, Lydia was the principal strategist at the New Zealand Transport agency where she wove behavioural insights approaches and user design into the fabric of the organisation. While at the Transport Agency, she was the Australasian representative on the World Road Forum’s funding and finance committee. And in past professional lives, she’s also been an internal auditor and a private secretary in the civil service.

In her spare time, Lydia enjoys the great outdoors, geeking out on podcasts and having adventures with her six-year-old daughter.

Tommy Ekman

Innovation project coordinator

Tommy is an innovation programme manager at Plexal, where he works with large corporate clients to develop and deliver innovation activities. He’s passionate about funding and building innovative businesses, projects and products from the ground up.

Before joining Plexal, Tommy assisted the venture capital fund BlueChilli in establishing its presence in Brisbane, as well as building its portfolio. He has acted as an advisor to tech companies, coordinated the smart cities innovation program CityConnect across Australia and was a university guest lecturer on entrepreneurship.

Sam Hunt

Head of innovation strategy

When he’s not regaling us with piano concertos, Hunt delivers innovation programmes for clients and helps bridge connections between startups, scaleups, corporates and academia.

Before joining Plexal, Hunt designed and delivered workshops for Capgemini and helped shape its emerging tech and innovation capability in the UK.

We’re a community of innovators and entrepreneurs, so we live and breath innovation every day

Plexal City, our innovation centre in east London, hosts up to 800 tech innovators who are building products to change the world.

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