Innovate Oman Startup Toolkit


Opportunity for startups in Oman

Oman is home to many small businesses; however these tend to be centred in traditional industries with limited routes to scalability.

With its strategic geographic location, strong education system, high levels of infrastructure and digitally savvy population, Oman is the ideal place to create, build and scale businesses. Bringing greater benefit to the economy and to the region.

Research shows the sectors with exciting opportunities for growth are cyber security, fintech, e-commerce and logistics.

The Innovate Oman Startup Toolkit

Sponsored by the Anglo-Omani Society, this startup toolkit will outline the practical step for starting a global business from Oman.

The Anglo-Omani Society

The Anglo-Omani Society is a charitable organisation that exists to promote and enhance the relationship between Oman and Britain. It supports people, industry, public sector and academia from both countries through formal events such as lectures, seminars or meetings. And supports both individuals and organisations to grow from training and apprenticeships through to awards, bursaries or scholarships.