From artist to changemaker: Veronica ‘s journey to empower creatives

Veronica from STUDIO

“Are you an artist or creative?” 

“When did you identify as that?”

Veronica kicked off our Women in Business lunch by inviting our members to share their stories. One of whom is a ceramicist (Emily Merritt Studios) and one is an actress in the theatre: Stratford Theatre Royal. Veronica herself is a multi-disciplinary artist, DJ, dancer and digital creator. She was invited to lead October’s Women in Business lunch meet-up at Plexal Stratford by our new Community  Manager, Manuela Sardano. 

Veronica shared her journey from an artist to entrepreneur, founding STUDIO 27° which is a purpose-driven organisation dedicated to empowering artists globally, especially from underrepresented communities.

Recently Veronica was commissioned to deliver her latest work “BLUE VOODOO” which explores black African Identity while weaving together diverse monogues and intertwining classical and ancestral African sounds. She collaborated with two members from the Philharmonia Orchestra and African percussionists to explore how classical music can be in harmony with African percussive sounds while paying homage to ancestral and cultural traditions.

The journey from artist to STUDIO 27°

In 2017, Veronica made the bold move from her hometown in the Netherlands to London, driven by her passion to dive into the vibrant creative industry of the city. Her journey, however, came with its share of challenges, including the hurdles she faced as a woman in a new and unfamiliar country.

In 2020, the creative industry was hit hard by the pandemic, resulting in widespread job losses for creatives. In response, she organised webinars to foster connection, share experiences, and maintain motivation. It was during this time that her journey as a founder began. She joined an entrepreneurship programme to equip herself with the skills needed to establish a creative business aimed at addressing the challenges faced by artists, including limited access to resources and opportunities, underrepresentation and isolation.

Fast forward to 2023, Veronica has chosen to concentrate on generating value through collaborative workshops and building partnerships with forward-thinking professionals and companies that recognise the significance of engaging with creatives, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, to tackle inequality.

The overarching aspiration is for STUDIO 27° to emerge as a globally recognised leader in the creative industry, empowering artists to amplify their skills through education while expanding opportunities and facilitating seamless access to resources. This vision revolves around creating a digital platform that unites a diverse community of artists transcending geographical boundaries, fostering artistic development, and championing a more inclusive and vibrant creative environment.

Veronica’s 4 lessons learned on her entrepreneurial journey:

1. Embracing failures and trials and errors

2. Leaning into your network

3. Tackling biases and improving one’s (entrepreneurial) mindset

4. Stick to the vision and have a just-do-it attitude

Previous workshops
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We are grateful to Veronica who brought her creative flair and passion for addressing social inequity to  Plexal Stratford’s Women in Business group today, and shared a powerful quote by writer and social  activist Alice Walker: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have  any.” If you’re a woman in business keen to share your experiences and collaborate with fellow workspace members, please speak to our Community Team who will gladly connect you.