Finance and Funding


Angel investors

Angel investors are individuals who have access to cash and invest in seed or early-stage startups. Typically they have a high-reward, high-risk strategy and get involved at the seed stage. They have a large stake in unproven ideas and venture-backed businesses. It is beneficial if your angel investor has some form of business background or is an experienced entrepreneur. Their affinity for risk would allow them to put a lot of effort into your idea, and you can gain access to further stakeholders through their primary network.

Debt financing

Debt finance can be a good source of capital as it protects your equity. If your business cash flow is expected to be higher, you can look into this type of funding.

You can look for the following when it comes to debt finance:

  • Bank or Traditional Lender – Look for funding from banks focused on startup loans
  • Loans – These loans are like the money that banks lend to their users.
  • Secured Business Loans – Assets usually back these loans
  • Venture Debt – Venture debt is not dependent on collateral or your company’s cash flow. Instead, lenders prioritise your ability to continue growing and provide investment for you to repay your loans.

Partnering with successful startups in Oman

One of the best ways to scale up a business is to partner with an existing successful startup that has already been through the process of funding. Typically, startups can have advisory board members composed of non-executives who might provide advice regarding legal, funding, growth, and so on. By partnering with an existing company, you can bring an experienced entrepreneur onboard, raising your company’s profile.

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