Plexal Roundtable with Lucy Bulley

December 7, 2023 | 12:00 - 13:00

We’re excited to launch a new series of Plexal Roundtable discussions focused on pertinent business topics. These interactive sessions are open to all Plexal members and provide a chance to connect with your peers over (free) lunch to debate and dissect trending issues.

Our kickoff roundtable will be hosted by Lucy Bulley, who runs her own consultancy company, find out more here. The topic of conversation will surround “How to prioritise when everything is marked ‘urgent’.”

Hear from Lucy herself why you should join our first roundtable:

“Why me…

The problem I solve:

I organise the chaos allowing for Founders and CEOs to focus on driving their business forward in the knowledge that they’re building on strong foundations.

I work with startup Founders and CEOs that are scaling or have a vision to scale in the near future. I specialise in implementing operational structure into organisations that cultivates and maximises fast growth potential.

Focused on working with disruptive innovators to;
Maximise The Potential of Your People
Build and/or Diversify Income Streams
Save Money
Make Money
Do Good”

How to prioritise when everything is marked “urgent”

When everything was needed yesterday, and everyone wants a response on something, how do you know what to prioritise?

It is one of the most relentless and never-ending dilemma facing founders on a daily basis. With pressure to hold yourself accountable, keep all the plates spinning, wearing several different hats throughout the day, and finding the only times of silence to “do your job” are the twilight hours. During this lunch and learn session we will:

  1. Share war stories of attempts to prioritise when being pulled in several directions at the same time
  2. Discuss and share tips for how to prioritise on a daily basis
  3. The importance of bigger picture goal setting to get you through the monotonous day to day grind
  4. Q&A around scaling operations within fast growth start ups

These member-only events facilitate meaningful dialogue in an informal setting. Lunch is provided so we can continue the conversation. We look forward to exchanging ideas and connecting with members.