Plexal Futures Club

Plexal Futures Club

October 27, 2023 | 13:15 - 14:00

Over the past few months, Plexal have started a “Futures Club”, where we invite in speakers from innovative startups to discuss how they are using emerging technologies to disrupt and revolutionise their respective industries. So far, we’ve had presentations from:

  • Visible: a startup specialising in making invisible illness visible through wearable tech and global research
  • Motilent: a company working on developing clinical solutions to manage chronic gut diseases
  • Mission Zero Technologies: a carbon capture start up aiming to scale low-energy, heat-free technology for Direct Air Capture of CO2

Our early sessions have been really successful, and hence we’re turning these into an event series and opening them up to Plexal members! This will provide opportunities for learning, networking, and interesting discussion. We are aiming to do these on the last Friday of each month, although the date may vary sometimes to accommodate the availability of our speakers.

This month’s discussion will focus on the topic of social mobility. Our guest speaker will be Rebekah Hornsby, who is a founding member and Product Manager of Zero Gravity. Zero Gravity have developed an AI-powered digital mentoring and careers platform to support students from low-income backgrounds into top universities and graduate jobs. Their utilisation of emerging technologies has enabled them to rapidly scale their social impact and revenue, and they are just closing their Series A round.

Come online and in-person to discuss how emerging technologies are being used to help young people realise their potential and break down class barriers.

Lynn Boardroom
The Press Centre, Here East, 14 East Bay Lane,, London, E20 3BS