February 14, 2024 | 13:00 - 13:45

Here at Plexal, we strive to build an inclusive and diverse community where all people feel welcomed, valued and empowered to succeed. As part of this commitment, we are hosting a series of sessions focused on fostering greater inclusivity and diversity in our workplace.

On Wednesday 14th February, we’ll hold our first session on social mobility. Find out more about what this session will entail below:

This roundtable will be hosted by Daniel Robinson. Daniel grew up in Liverpool in a single parent household and was eligible for free school meals. In spite of his background he excelled at A level and went on to achieve a First Class Chemistry BSc at Kings College London with the highest grade in the final year of study for which he was awarded the Ivor John Prize in Chemistry. He joined KPMG on their technology consulting graduate specialising in Cloud technology risk and regulation for the financial services sector. He progressed quickly to Manager however after spotting a gap in the market aligned to his passions for fitness, technology and social connection he became the CEO and Founder of GroupPT, a fitness technology startup helping reduce physical inactivity and social isolation. Their solution uses data to connect members of the same gym into peer groups based on shared goals, ability and availability in order to increase accountability, decrease intimidation, increase enjoyment and reduce churn for gyms. He’s also been supporting PT Pods with their growth after their recent Series A investment and expansion across London. Daniel is passionate about helping those from less advantaged background gain access to opportunities and was part of the Social Mobility Network Committee at KPMG. He has mentored several students with Upreach and also is hoping to spend time mentoring Zero Gravity associates into entrepreneurship.

Description and agenda

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting a roundtable as part of our Plex-all series on the topic of social mobility. The purpose of this session is to discuss how we can improve social mobility and discuss the benefits for businesses. Social mobility refers to change in a person’s socio-economic situation, either in relation to their parents (inter-generational mobility) or throughout their lifetime (intra-generational mobility). Sadly, the UK has one of the poorest rates of social mobility in the developed world which means that talent is spread evenly but opportunity is not.

  • 74% of judges, 71% of barristers, 51% of journalists went to private schools, which educates only 7% of the population. 75% of the founders come from advantaged socio-economic backgrounds.
  • A 2017 study found that a modest increase in the United Kingdom’s social mobility (to the average level across Western Europe) could be associated with about a 9 percent increase in GDP, equivalent to £2,620 per person, or £170 billion, to the UK economy annually (Sutton Trust).

Social mobility is a complex issue and we would welcome you to this roundtable to share your experiences. Due to the intersectional nature of social mobility, research shows that improving it can be effective at improving diversity in other protected characteristics (race, gender etc.).

We look forward to welcoming you and a reminder that this is for any Plexal member from any background.



What is social mobility?

Why is it important?

Open discussion – share your experiences on what has worked well in your organisation on improving social mobility



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Your participation in these meaningful conversations is encouraged and appreciated. This is a journey we’re taking together to ensure Plexal is a place where people of all backgrounds feel welcomed and able to thrive.