HCR’s legal clinic for Plexal members

March 13, 2024 | 11:00 - 16:00

Plexal Members Harrison Clark Rickerbys Solicitors (HCR) are offering a legal clinic for our members. You can book a 30-minute slot via the community team, please provide a brief summary of any topics you would like to discuss in the email body.

You’ll find HCR at desk 57 on Upper East 08-10 near Plexal Park!

HCR at a glance

How we work

HCR is an award-winning top 60 UK law firm, providing the full range of services that you would expect to organisations, business leaders and individuals. The firm has one of the most active corporate teams in the country and is consistently ranked as one of the top three dealmakers across all its regions in the UK in the last two years, according to Experian. The firm provides advice in relation to raising investment, securing finance, trading terms, intellectual property and data protection and much more. HCR’s clients range from large national firms and publicly quoted companies to small family-run businesses and start-ups, each of whom is given the same level of commitment and experience by the team.

We work closely with our clients to understand their individual business needs, so that we can assess any risks in specific marketplaces and can protect against those. Our proactive and professional approach enables us to work to tight deadlines. Getting the details right when starting or scaling up a business plays a major part in your success, and we can help you at every step of that journey.

Our award-winning team of tech experts advise start-ups, high growth companies and national and international businesses and provide expert legal advice for funding and investment rounds, IP value creation and protection, on contracts for development, licensing and distribution, M&A deals and exit planning.

The common denominator among our clients is that they value working with people who are as passionate, engaged and entrepreneurial in their outlook and practice as they are.

Clients trust our expertise, connections and advice. And you can too.

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