Building a Predictable Sales Engine on HubSpot

November 28, 2023 | 16:00 - 17:00

You’re invited to fellow members’ Digital BIAS next event: Building a Predictable Sales Engine on HubSpot: AI-Powered Strategies for Sales Success & Growth.

Colleagues from Contractbook and Ebsta join HUG leader Paul Sullivan from Digital BIAS to show you how to build a predictable sales engine powered by AI and manage those complex contract negotiations with HubSpot CRM.

About this event

Nearly half of UK businesses missed their earning targets at some point last year; in an era of global economic instability, how can you create a more secure and efficient sales machine that drives long-term growth? Learn from Paul Sullivan, Founder & Chief Strategist of award-winning agency Digital BIAS, Guy Rubin Founder & CEO of Ebsta and Alexander Irschenberger from Contractbook, who are revolutionising contract management with over 65,000 users as they outline the framework and the tech that should underpin your sales strategy into 2024 and beyond. Walk away understanding:

– How you can drive greater efficiency within your sales team

– Use data and your CRM to unleash your team’s full potential and enhance the customer experience

– Break down silos and align your revenue teams for bigger wins

The Press Centre, Here East, 14 East Bay Lane,, London, E20 3BS