What is it about East London that appeals to startups? 

Man walking through London with art on the buildings in the background

East London has earned a reputation as a dynamic, creative and thriving part of London that’s attracting both businesses and residents alike. Its unique blend of history, culture and innovation makes it an exciting place to work, grow and thrive. This is our mission at our Plexal workspaces. 

Enriched by the legacy of the 2012 Olympics, the area continues to be shaped by this original story. With Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park at the heart of this transformation, it stands as a testament to the power of the games in rejuvenating the community. The park offers an array of green spaces, world-class sporting facilities (as you’d expect!) and, all visible from the ArcelorMittal Orbit, providing a bird’s eye view of what has been created – so definitely check this out if you haven’t.   

Where innovation comes to thrive 

East London has become synonymous with innovation and entrepreneurship. Tech startups, creative agencies and fintech companies are thriving in the area. Located at the heart of the Here East innovation and tech campus is Plexal Stratford, a catalyst for innovation. We offer a collaborative environment for businesses to connect and create. With best-in-class facilities Plexal hosts forward-thinkers, adding to the entrepreneurial aura that surrounds East London and, in this case, Hackney.  

Plexal isn’t just a coworking space; it’s a dynamic ecosystem designed to fuel innovation. With a diverse community of startups, scaleups, and professionals, we provide invaluable opportunities for closing the gap between organisations and private and public sectors. 

Along with being an East London coworking space of 68,000 sq ft, we also have our own innovation work curated within the walls. This offers Plexal members more than an office experience: the chance to take advantage of the teams’ expertise, opportunities to get involved in the work we’re doing and leverage our expansive network of 15,000 individuals. An example of a hyper-local innovation programme is Grown in Hackney in which we support 5 businesses who are committed to the area. 

Our commitment to inclusivity and sustainability aligns with East London’s progressive values and Plexal contributes to the allure of the area by nurturing talent, cultivating creativity and driving technological advancements. Hear from some of our outstanding members such as Carbon Quota

Plexal is so much more than an office, it’s a collaborative workspace that inspires creativity for CarbonQuota. The mix of private and communal areas allow us to run our business with ease, and it’s located in the wonderful Olympic Park 

Living amidst the legacy  

Adding to East London’s appeal is Get Living which is committed to creating vibrant and well-connected neighbourhoods. Its East Village development, located within the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, offers a range of modern, high-quality rental properties. Get Living’s dedication to nurturing community and providing residents with a unique living experience enhances East London’s reputation as a desirable place to reside. 

History meets modernity 

One of the most striking aspects of East London is its cultural diversity. The boroughs of Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Newham are melting pots of cultures from around the world. This diversity is celebrated through vibrant street art, eclectic food markets and a rich tapestry of traditions. And this open and inclusive atmosphere has made East London a hotspot for creativity and entrepreneurship. 

Amongst all that East London has to offer; exploring centuries-old markets like Spitalfields where merchants have traded for generations or strolling along the cobbled streets of Shoreditch where startups coexist – centred within is our Plexal Shoreditch workspace, at the core of this ecosystem.  

Check out the work of one of our members The Line who create public artscapes in East London that connects Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and The O2. Its outdoor exhibition programme offers a journey through dynamic urban landscape allowing everyone to explore art, nature and heritage.  

Convinced yet?  

Come and embrace the East – it’s a journey filled with history, innovation and the enduring spirit of transformation.  

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Visit our workspaces in Stratford and Shoreditch, if you like what you see – you may make East London your place to work, grow and thrive.