Eagle Lab at Plexal is open

Our Makers’ Yard has always been the part of Plexal designated to allow makers, hardware companies and innovators experiment with technology. And we’re delighted to reveal that as of today, Barclays is taking over the space to turn it into its flagship Industry 4.0 Eagle Labs destination.

Eagle Lab at Plexal, which has a dedicated VR/AR zone and comes stocked with rapid prototyping equipment, will help entrepreneurs unlock the potential of technologies like Internet of Things, advanced manufacturing, VR and robotics. As well as offering coworking desks to hardware startups, it will run workshops and events for Plexal members and the wider community.

Barclays’ ecosystem manager and lab engineer will also be on hand to work with members, keep the beer fridge full and help anyone who’s interested to become familiar with hands-on making skills. Their goal? To demystify Industry 4.0 and ensure everyone has the knowledge needed for tomorrow’s economy.

“Their goal? To demystify Industry 4.0 and ensure everyone has the knowledge needed for tomorrow’s economy. “

Plexal members will be able to use the lab’s facilities on Mondays and Fridays, while three members have already taken desk space there. Valkyrie (which is developing a universal technology of touch for virtual simulations), Alp Technologies (which is innovating in the field of battery technology) and Massless (which is developing its Massless Pen to enable creators to intuitively and collaboratively create 2D & 3D) are all proud founding members.

Commenting on the launch, Jon Hope, director of Barclays Eagle Labs, said: “Plexal is an ideal location for our dedicated Industry 4.0 Eagle Lab and this new facility will further our investment in London’s entrepreneurs. The fourth industrial revolution is changing how and where we all work and the skills we need. Eagle Labs is committed to supporting develop skills in entrepreneurship, innovation and in new and emerging technologies such as AI, data exchange, connected devices, advanced manufacturing and much more.

As a partner, Plexal is as passionate as we are about helping London’s entrepreneurs to maintain their position at the forefront of technology.”

Eagle Lab at Plexal

Meanwhile, Andrew Roughan, Plexal’s managing director, said: “It’s essential that everyone in society has the skills needed for Industry 4.0, so we’re excited and proud to be hosting Barclays’ flagship Eagle Labs right at the heart of our innovation centre. It’s hugely beneficial for our members to have access to the equipment in the lab, along with the expertise of the Barclays’ team. This is the start of an exciting journey, as we witness how our community of creatives, designers, engineers, coders and makers comes together to find new and innovative solutions.”