Dell Technology Forum: Driving progress with technology and human creativity

Plexal Innovation Consultant Alan Every recently attended the Dell Technology Forum, an immersive one-day event held in London showcasing Dell Technologies’ solutions, insights and vision for the future.  

With over 250 attendees from across the technology landscape including IT managers, developers, tech innovators and Dell partners, it proved to be an incredibly engaging experience with many noteworthy takeaways.

Several breakout sessions provided more in-depth viewpoints. A standout for us was the session chaired by Cyber Lead Liz Green on building cyber resilience. She made a compelling case for diversifying providers and supply chains when it comes to critical security tools and infrastructure, noting that relying too heavily on a single vendor leaves companies in a precarious position.  

There was so much value provided by being able to network with field experts and fellow attendees during session breaks. Conversing with those on the front lines of security, cloud adoption, digital transformation and other areas made for a powerful pulse-check on key trends, challenges and best practices. The multitude of perspectives highlighted just how rapidly technology is evolving to enable efficiency, insight and innovation while managing ever-complex risks. 

Attending events like the Dell Technologies Forum is invaluable for staying on top of emerging technologies and strategies. We came away feeling much more informed about how Dell Technologies stands ready to enable customers to embrace IT advancements in areas like multi-cloud, edge computing, data analytics, AI and cyber resilience.  

And as technology progresses, Dell appears poised to provide leading solutions that will shape the future of business and society. The Dell-Plexal partnership shows firsthand how their innovations empower customers to achieve their boldest ambitions.