Cyber Lates: cyber in space

Cyber Lates: cyber in space

Our most recent Cyber Lates meetup took us on a journey beyond the atmosphere…

Plexal’s resident spacetech experts Lydia Kerin and Ruby Motabhoy kicked things off with a discussion about New Space: a new kind of ecosystem that’s emerging where SMEs and startups are finding opportunities to become suppliers to the space sector.

Then tune in from around 5.30 in to hear from Dr Ramy Shelbaya, CEO of cyber security startup Quantum Dice. Dr Ramy Shelbaya and Ruby spoke about about the importance of keeping our space-based infrastructure digitally secure, as well as the need to secure data as it’s transmitted from space.

Building secure space-based infrastructure presents distinct problems that an earth-based data centre doesn’t have to consider. For example, once you’ve launched your satellite that’s it – you’ll never have another chance to physically service it. Space is also a uniquely harsh environment: your equipment has to contend with radiation, micrometeorites and no air, for starters.

With so much at stake, operators partnering with startups like Quantum Dice. Its quantum random number generator is the first of its kind for cryptographic applications and will protect data at a much higher standard than conventional encryption, making satellites a harder target for a cyber attack.

If you missed our event watch it on demand below, and get stuck into the opportunities New Space is creating. Be sure to register for our next meetup on 22 September, when we’ll be exploring the role cyber innovators can play in tackling disinformation.