Cooking up a healthy lifestyle: Highlights from Health Coach Kitchen’s workshop 

At Plexal, we host a Women in Business meetup on the first Wednesday of every month. This is a chance for our members to swap stories, share advice and discuss the topics that matter to them. For our July edition, we invited Charise Garcia, Founder of Health Coach Kitchen, to host a session surrounding women’s health.  

Charise is a qualified Health Coach focused on three key areas:  

  • Nutrition: how the body works, and the nutrition needed to support it 
  • Lifestyle: simplified and easy to implement exercise, sleep and wellness advice  
  • Mindset: understanding that the body cannot change if the mind doesn’t want to 

Joining us at Plexal Stratford, our members facilitated an engaging discussion with Charise throughout the course of the workshop. Building on her knowledge from Charise’s degree obtained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, our members were taken through a range of activities and insights to understand women’s health more.  

The workshop started with a demo on a recipe for a quick gut health-boosting salad, which members had the chance to sink their teeth into, with the suggestion this is consumed regularly within our diet.  

Having developed a thyroid problem, then endometriosis, Charise has a clear understanding of her journey, demonstrating the benefits of a healthy diet and emphasising the crucialness of journaling your pain so that you can track your problem areas and how they’re improving through dietary changes.  

There are many benefits of workplace wellness workshops like this one but don’t just believe us, trust the stats:  

  • 56% productivity boost for companies who support health habits. 
  • 80% of employees feel more valued if workplace invests in wellness initiatives. 
  • 53% of 38.8 million sick days taken were due to stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Health Coach Kitchen offers a range of workshops, supporting everything from community and workplace to children and ill health. If you’d like to join one of Charise’s workshops, check out her website here.  

Charise is writing a journal in hope of helping other individuals going through similar problems. It surrounds her experience with altering her diet and as a result, changing her life for the better. Watch this space!  

Why not have a go making Charise’s quick and easy recipes: