Community in a crisis: help BADU Community provide food and supplies in east London

COVID-19 and panic buying is making some of the existing income inequality challenges we have even harder.

Food banks are running low.

People who can’t afford to bulk buy are struggling to find affordable food.

Income streams are being affected.

And school closures are adding even more pressure.

Our member BADU Community is mobilising its community to raise funds to provide the most vulnerable people in east London with crucial supplies.

With its ONE Community initiative, they are:

  • creating care packs containing food, supplies and activity packs for kid
  • working with young volunteers who are healthy, fit and able to get involved to deliver supplies to the elderly or those who need extra support, whether they’re struggling with food insecurity or have an underlying health condition that makes it difficult to access food

Speaking about the initiative, BADU Community says:

“The uncertainty of the current situation is a worrying time everyone.  With food poverty prevalent among the families and young people we work with, we are aiming to provide ONE Community initiative.  Although the government has recommended social isolation, for us this is extremely worrying for our community. ONE Community will support the most vulnerable and at-risk families identified by our partner schools.”

How to get involved

BADU Community is looking for individuals to donate what they can on their website. Organisations that want to work with BADU Community and donate a larger amount should contact Natasha Simpson on  and Olivia Eastwood-Grey on