VR Diversity Initiative Workshop

The VR Diversity Initiative believes that diversity breeds creativity and immersive content should be created by people from a cross-spectrum of society, including women, LGBTQ, disabled people, people from low-income backgrounds and ethnic minorities.

Here at Plexal we couldn’t agree more, which is why we’re so excited to be hosting the third VR Diversity Initiative on 31 July.

These hands-on workshops are aimed at helping people get to grips with VR, AR, mixed reality and 360 film techniques. Expect to roll up your sleeves, create content on the day using kit like the GoPro Fusion and navigate your way around the Unity platform.

So even if you’re a total beginner, have no idea what a “stitching line” is or are slightly intimidated by the brave new world that is mixed reality, you’ll walk away feeling 1,000X more confident and equipped with the skills you need to unleash your creative instincts.

One attendee, who used to work with autistic children in a school in east London and is now a link worker at the Rugby Portobello Trust, thought of a very useful real-world application for what he learned after the last workshop in May:

“I remember one particular student, he liked music and concerts but (it was) maybe a bit hard to get him into the concert. But if you could take a VR camera there, or the technology, and then record that and then the next day (when) he’s at school I can put him in the concert. And that’s like a treat for him. And that’s what the technology can do, it can break down those barriers.”

Whether you’re an artist, youth worker or a marketer there are endless possibilities when you’ve got the know-how. Why not sign up to join us on the 31st?