AWS Healthcare challenge

Plexal is working with AWS on their Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce to find innovative startups that can close the gap on workforce issues in healthcare using new technologies

Through burnout, decreased budgets and the pandemic, healthcare workforce shortages have hit crisis levels globally, which places patients awaiting treatment at risk. 

The healthcare industry’s primary challenges are training, retaining and deploying the workforce.

On a mission to solve this, Plexal is working with the AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce to find innovative startups that can close the gap on workforce issues. We recognise that new technologies present new approaches to this growing problem.  


Plexal is looking for startups across sectors who can offer evidence-based examples of how their technology will provide solutions to turn these areas around.

Leveraging Plexal’s collaborative ecosystem, the aim is for startups to leave the four-week programme with pilots and partnerships that can be implemented in a clinical setting to create positive impact and prevent the workforce issues thwarting efficient patient care.









Applications Open 16 November 2022 - 08 January 2023

Startup solutions are required for: 
1. Training workforce 
Innovations capable of making learning more interesting and customised. For example, VR/AR training simulations. 
2. Retaining workforce: 
Innovations capable of reducing employee workloads and burnout. For example, automated task management. 
3. Deploying workforce:  
Innovations capable of distributing staff across different wards and environments. For example, collaborative data management systems.

The accelerator will accept applications from startups worldwide. Plexal will support the successful applicants from across EMEA with technical, business and healthcare expertise, customised content sessions, mentoring and AWS computing credits. In the Americas, startups will be supported similarly by AlchemistX.



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