Plexal and AWS search for startups to enhance patient healthcare

We’re thrilled to announce that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has selected Plexal as the innovation delivery partner for EMEA on the new AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce.

The AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce launch comes as burnout, decreased budgets and the pandemic have led to healthcare workforce shortages to hit crisis levels globally, placing patients awaiting treatment at risk. AWS is charting a new course by launching a truly international accelerator with activations across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa led by Plexal, as well as across the Americas through AlchemistX.

Plexal aims to close the gap on healthcare staffing issues and our innovation services team is scouting for startups to apply for this accelerator program now through to Sunday 8 January 2023. We’re looking for startups who can offer evidence-based examples of how their technology will provide solutions to turn around the healthcare industry’s three primary challenges:

1. Training workforce
Innovations capable of making learning more interesting and customized. For example, VR/AR training simulations.

2. Retaining workforce:
Innovations capable of reducing employee workloads and burnout. For example, automated task management.

3. Deploying workforce:
Innovations capable of distributing staff across different wards and environments. For example, collaborative data management systems.

The AWS Healthcare Accelerator is a four-week program for health startups seeking to create positive impact and prevent the workforce issues thwarting efficient patient care. Plexal and AWS will support the ten selected EMEA startups with technical, business and healthcare expertise, customized content sessions, mentoring and AWS computing credits.

As the UK-based innovation ecosystem solving technology challenges through collaboration with government, startups and big tech, Plexal is committed to working with AWS to help solve the biggest healthcare workforce challenges. If your startup sounds like a good fit for the accelerator, or you know one who does, please get in touch with Plexal’s innovation team on