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Corporate Innovation Services


Great innovation is about solving business challenges, delivering tangible solutions & adding value to an organisation.

Plexal offers a comprehensive suite of services across the full innovation life cycle. Our team help corporations frame the opportunity & connect with expert entrepreneurs to rapidly collaborate, generate, validate & prototype new ideas.

In addition we provide innovation leadership development and intrapreneur programmes to sustain value within your organisation.

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  • Innovation

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    Plexal can help design & manage a robust ideation process to generate workable ideas. We assist throughout the engagement process, involving external parties including expert thought leaders & entrepreneurs to support a successful innovation project.

  • Acceleration

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    Our Acceleration programmes are designed to help corporations work in collaboration with technology entrepreneurs. Our programmes reduce the risk span between idea & execution & we have an outstanding technology community to help corporations accelerate business innovation.

  • Incubation

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    We lead Incubator programmes with an entrepreneurial mindset. Our team helps corporations build new products & services with bespoke innovation solutions using new technologies.

  • Intrapreneurship

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    Plexal helps corporations accelerate innovation culture. We empower personnel to think like entrepreneurs - transforming their ideas into solutions that deliver sustained value for the organisation.

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  • Innovation Insights

    Today's economy is ruled by partnerships between big & small business which fuel innovation, spur growth & create the workplaces of the future. Failure is not the enemy of progress. In fact there is significant value to be gained from failed attempts at innovation & collaboration. This value is maximised when there are structures in place to help organisations dodge repeated failure in the future.

    Failure is not the enemy of progress.
    Francine Stevens - Head of Corporate Innovation, Plexal
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