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Welcome to Europe’s Largest Innovation Ecosystem

Make your home in the beating heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park @plexalcity.
Whether you use pixels, code, thread, LEDs, steel, silicon or synapses, Plexal is your hub for making beautiful, impactful, things happen
and is the stage for your personal, best, performance.

Join us to make life better through technology, enterprise and innovation. Plexal is set to open fully in June 2017.
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Our Vision

Plexal is the central nervous system of innovation: connected, intelligent, dynamic. Plexal is where people join forces, ideas spark, new business is born. Plexal is how innovative startups scale and corporates discover new territory and build legacy. Driven by the pulse of design, enterprise, entrepreneurship and technology, together we converge here to thrive.

Plexal is an international, connected hub of talent, investment and opportunity; where Olympic-sized personal ambition flourishes alongside community values and global business.

At Plexal, we will shape the future through technology innovation; testing theories, prototyping products, forging paths forward, pioneering new markets.

Our Mission

To set the international gold standard for the innovation experience.
To build the world-renowned creative and commercial destination for people from all walks of life,
with the boldest ideas and a shared commitment to make life better through technology innovation.

About Us

Plexal is Europe’s largest, most connected innovation ecosystem based on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Our innovation ecosystem is designed as a mini-city, bringing together civic spaces and community services, with private flexible offices and bespoke programming to create a dynamic, diverse community of visionary innovators and collaborators dedicated to making life better through technology. We provide a holistic suite of business services: innovation and accelerator programmes, in-house professional services, a makers lab for rapid prototyping, entrepreneurship training, mentorship, industry leading events and so much more...

Plexal is located on the 1.2 million square-foot former London Olympics Press & Broadcast centre - the most connected building in Europe on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Designed as a mini-city, complete with high street, maker's studio, events space, cafes and communal kitchens, parkland, town hall, and library for mindfulness and learning, it is an environment to meet all your business and personal inspiration needs. Open studio membership and elegant, flexible, private offices of various sizes will support 800 members and organisations, and we have the capacity to expand on demand by scaling firms into other spaces across the Here East estate.

A five minute walk from Hackney Wick Station, a five minute bike ride or free shuttle bus from Stratford International, Crossrail from 2018 and a just seven minutes from the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras. We sit within a top UK transport hub to world. With over ten on-site affordable food and beverage options you will be delighted by the landscape and the facilities.

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We are all entrepreneurs at Plexal, from multiple disciplines, cultural backgrounds and industries. We have observed and felt the unmet needs of startups, scaleups, makers, technologists, and corporates in today’s business environments, and are determined to create new standards for the innovation, creative and entrepreneurial experience.

We are very passionate about supporting the startup sector to scale - providing a safe, well-rounded support system for its success - thereby driving growth in jobs, investment and greater accessibility to a global marketplace.

We are equally committed to driving innovation into the ways we think, interact, and learn, as well as in how we build, operate and adapt in business.

We firmly believe that startups and corporates can successfully collaborate, turning challenges into opportunities, and ideas into radical new businesses.

Finally, we take our first site, at Here East on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and our role in the larger regeneration strategy very seriously, engaging with local suppliers, and the raw talent and energy that has always characterised London’s East End.

Our model builds on best-in-class innovation ecosystems from around the world. We bring together a comprehensive suite of innovation and business growth services for companies both big and small. Including: themed accelerators, bespoke innovation programmes, industry-leading conferences, intra and entrepreneurship training, quality coaching and mentorship, in-house professional services, curated community events, and a makers lab for rapid prototyping. Not to mention our beautiful, flexible, healthy working environment.

Our membership model is selective, but open to technology firms from diverse backgrounds. Initially we are focussed on incubating the following powerful innovations: internet of things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, cyber-security, and data analytics. We are actively cultivating piloting opportunities within the fields of sport, health, fashion, smart city and mobility industries with local partners on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Powered by an international network of city partnerships, supporting organisations, startup communities and trade and investment organisations across the world, we are a soft landing pad for companies coming to the UK for the first time and can provide international intelligence and opportunity for firms chasing global markets.

Apply for membership now. Plexal fully opens June 2017. In the interim, we are taking members in our pop-up space upstairs and designing cutting edge innovation programmes with our corporate partners.

Membership Benefits

The Innovation Centre

  • Offices from 4-30 desks, fixed & hot desks
  • Event space for 170-250 people
  • High-speed internet & access to fibre optic
  • Internal bicycle storage, lockers, and showers
  • Kitchen and tea/coffee points
  • Practical Education & Mentoring

    Education programmes, mentoring and regular seminars focused on the practical areas that you and your teams need to succeed.

    Prototyping & Making Facilities

    Our Makers Lab provides the tools and support your company needs to design and prototype new products.

    Suite of Professional Services

    A wide range of dedicated specialists on the relevant support areas that your company needs to plan and execute your business strategy, including legal, accounting & branding among others.

    Innovation Programmes

    Opportunities to collaborate with corporates, participating in incubation and acceleration programmes, workshops and open innovation challenges.

    Funding & Investment Opportunities

    Opportunities to connect with diverse funding alternatives to support entrepreneurs and startups scale.

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    Corporate Innovation Services

    At Plexal, innovation is much more than just ideas, imagining the future, and showcasing the latest technology. Innovation is about delivering tangible solutions that capture new opportunities or solving existing challenges in completely new ways. Plexal offers a portfolio of services designed to help corporate clients connect with experts and thought leaders to rapidly generate and prototype new ideas, as well as turn those abstract ideas into concrete solutions.


    As a Service

    We help you design and run a robust ideation process and idea governance system to efficiently generate and manage ideas. As part of the process we help you engage with the relevant external parties including clients, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and startups to embrace co-creation opportunities.



    Our acceleration programmes are designed to help corporates engage with startups and scaleups in a collaborative and open environment. As part of this process, we create a community that works together to solve some of the most important challenges in your company or industry.



    Our innovation programmes help you identify, define and build new products and services within 3 to 6 months. We embrace an entrepreneurial mindset to help your company rapidly capture new opportunities, solve key problems, and explore the potential of new technologies.



    We help corporates tap into the entrepreneurial spirit of their employees by empowering them to transform their ideas into concrete solutions that deliver immediate value to their organisations. Our programmes also form the ambassadors that can drive deep cultural transformations across the organisation.

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