Talking ecosystem development at the Rising Omani Startup Conference

Plexal has a rich history of supporting Oman’s startups and innovation ecosystem. Working with the UK Oman Digital Hub and British Embassy in Muscat, we’ve:

  • supported the design and thinking behind the Omantel Innovation Labs
  • delivered our RAIN Accelerator to re-energise Oman’s innovation ecosystem after the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • launched Innovate Oman to support the growth of Omani cyber security companies and help them do business internationally

Oman’s SME Development Authority asked our CEO Andrew Roughan to deliver a keynote address at its two-day Rising Omani Startup Conference in Muscat. In his speech Andrew described the process of fostering a business landscape where innovation ecosystems can thrive. He also touched on preparing existing supply chains for the needs of innovative startups, and the frameworks to minimise conflict with the legacy organisations already using them. Finally, he spoke about the vital role of orchestrators like the SME Authority itself, providing startups with mentoring, investor connections and a platform to grow and succeed.

Summarising the business landscape report, Andrew said: “How do we create the framework and foundation for a successful entrepreneurial startup ecosystem? It’s not about the new technologies, it’s not about the progress that society can make. It’s about the groundwork – the really difficult, complex, sometimes regulatory structures that need to be in place in order to create a thriving innovation ecosystem.”

Check out the full keynote on YouTube: