Scale up your startup by answering your business growth IT needs  

Dell Technologies/VMware blog

Building a solid foundation that can scale is one of the key challenges startups face. These range from finding product-market-fit and creating processes and infrastructure to building the right team and scaling culture. Whilst each startup has its own accumulation of challenges, the majority initially struggle to begin scaling their business. Getting these foundational elements right from the start gives startups the best chance of scaling smoothly and avoiding growing pains or collapse – It’s complex but crucial.  

Startup challenges  

Examples of these challenges include choosing the right suppliers; it’s difficult to find suppliers that can meet the quality, costs and delivery needs early on with limited leverage. Even so, later down the line as your startup begins to scale and you gain more purchasing power, you may have to negotiate favourable terms with these suppliers. It is important to consider their reliability and stability, as there are risks to relying heavily on them without this security. Additionally, there is a gamble in switching suppliers if problems emerge to minimise disruptions to your scaleup.  

Budgeting for the funding startups need is a key concern in the early days of kickstarting a business. Uncertain assumptions lead to difficulty in forecasting costs and creating budgets accurately, along with avoiding the danger of premature scaling or having insufficient funds if growth stalls. Balancing budgets between immediate versus long-term investments as your startup begins to scale can also be detrimental. Financial planning allows for stability amidst startup uncertainty, enabling thoughtful allocation of resources to power sustainable scaling. 

Scaling costs and finance structure of cloud and tech 

For cloud and technology companies, there is much consideration surrounding scaling costs and finances compared to mature tech firms. Highlighting some of these key challenges entail; limited operating history making projections and modelling growth difficult, there are high upfront costs to develop minimum viable product and attract initial customers, and a lack of reputation and trust to get ideal terms from cloud infrastructure providers.  

Enter Dell Financial Services (DFS), the financing and leasing arm of Dell Technologies that provides various financial solutions to support Dell’s customers and channel partners. To help you understand some of their offerings, we have broken it down for you: 

  • Access to technology: DFS financing allows startups to acquire Dell hardware, software, and services without large upfront capital outlays. This enables access to critical IT infrastructure and applications.  
  • Flexible payment options: Startups can take advantage of DFS payment solutions like equipment leases, loans, and usage-based plans that match payments to usage and cash flow. 
  • Preserving capital: Their financing conserves startup capital for other important uses such as hiring, R&D, and operations so that startups can avoid asset ownership burdens. 
  • Managing growth: DFS offerings can scale to meet growing infrastructure demands as your startup expands, supporting organisational growth.  
  • Establishing credit: Successfully using DFS financing can aid in startups building business credit and financing history.  

Dell Financial Services gives startups access to critical IT solutions while empowering them to scale, remain agile, and conserve capital to ensure they are focussing on developing their core business.  

What is Dell for Startups?  

Dell for Startups is an initiative by Dell Technologies focused on providing technology solutions, expertise, and partnerships to support startups. Key aspects of the programme include:  

  • Technical expertise: Startups get access to Dell’s technical account managers and solutions architects to advise them on infrastructure and implementation.  
  • Education: Dell provides startups with tailored educational content across diverse subject matter like tech, cyber, wellbeing and sustainability, along with workshops and events to help them at various stages of growth.  
  • Partnerships: Dell connects startups to its broader ecosystem of partners including cloud providers, ISVs, and developers to expand capabilities. 
  • Communities: Startups can collaborate through local Dell for Entrepreneurs chapters and online communities for networking and shared learning.  
  • Support across stages: The programme supports very early entrepreneurs to growth stage startups scaling globally with tailored offers.  

Dell for startups provides startups with the expertise needed to launch, scale, and grow successfully, seeking to help accelerate startup success. The programme is partnered with Plexal and other organisations such as NatWest Accelerator to help support startup audiences with access to affordable technology and advice. Dell supports Plexal activities by providing prizes and speakers.  

CFOs and IT teams are on the lookout for solutions  

Dell Technologies are the provider of choice for IT and tech solutions, offering the latest enterprise technology with the reliability that comes from proven and robust hardware and software architectures; they innovate with an eye towards stable and consistent performance. Their solutions include laptops, desktops, servers, storage, networking, hyperconverged infrastructure, client virtualisation and cloud platforms – a true one-stop shop. Their global scale and support mean they can be there for consumers when and where they are needed. They focus on pragmatic solutions to help manage and secure your end user computer experience.  

Dell Technologies open ecosystem integrates readily with industry leaders such as VMWare as shared by a member of their team:  

“VMware strives to fortify startups with a resilient technological backbone, providing a steadfast platform where innovators can readily scale, secure, and manage their growing IT needs, ensuring they can focus on what matters most – their business and customers.”  


Innovation is at the core of this ecosystem. Startups innovate to create a compelling offering that disrupts the market and solves a key problem for consumers. To do this, startups need access to the technology that will enable them to accelerate their business plan. Whilst this may be hard to obtain due to funding and budgeting challenges, along with all other encounters that come with starting a business, Dell for Startups are here to support. From technology solutions and expertise to partnerships, they offer more than just a service. And working with industry leaders like VMWare, this enables reliability for consumers to trust in their service and what they’re offering.