Collaboration stories

At Plexal we believe we need to give our members more than just a desk.

We’re an active partner that supports their growth and helps them make connections with our network. We’ve generated over £300,000 in direct revenue for members and we deliver at least 380 office hours per year on top of our events programme.

Here are just a few of the ways we’ve partnered with our members.

A new way to deliver training for Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group is our enterprise member of LORCA, our cybersecurity programme. The organisation wanted to explore new ways of delivering cybersecurity awareness training.  

VIVIDA is a LORCA graduate that uses VR and immersive storytelling to deliver cyber training that resonates with people on an emotional level.

LORCA has been working with VIVIDA to help develop its customer base and make its business model more sustainable. After defining what Lloyds Banking Group needed, LORCA connected the banking group with VIVIDA and worked with both parties to accelerate the contracting process.  

The initial internal pilot was a success and VIVIDA won the contract with Lloyds Banking Group after its training solution received positive feedback.  

VIVIDA then turned its VR solution into a desktop-friendly version for colleagues who were working from home during the pandemic.

Taso Advisory: member, supplier, partner

Taso Advisory helps businesses to engage with the government, policymakers and politicians. Ben Greenstone started the business in 2019, and is steadily growing its client base while staying true to its core service.

Plexal became one of Taso Advisory’s largest clients. The company helps Plexal with our cybersecurity work and LORCA programme and we have collaborated on joint bids, winning more than £250,000 in joint contracts.

MOONHUB: a introduction that led to investment

MOONHUB uses VR to deliver immersive and interactive training solutions, and wanted to raise enough investment to fuel its rapid growth.

We made an introduction to Sports Interactive, our neighbour at Here East, which resulted in MOONHUB receiving the investment and strategic business it was looking for.


Outfly: when a member becomes a delivery partner

Design innovation and branding agency Outfly is a founding member of Plexal and has been with us since day one.

The agency created Plexal’s brand identity and is a delivery partner for our cybersecurity accelerator, LORCA. The team works with our cyber members to help them tell their stories, build websites and connect with their target audiences through impactful campaigns.

Outfly also teamed up with fellow member Love Language to take part in Plexal’s OpenDoor accelerator. Together, they developed Love Learning and Love Working. The suite of tools enable Deaf people to find work, while connecting employers to Deaf talent. That’s not all: both companies have jointly created a learning platform aimed at helping companies create a more empathetic company culture (it has modules on making small talk in sign language, for example).



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Alp Technologies: from pilot to project

Alp Technologies is a renewable energy engineering startup. It wants to enable landlords to use cleaner energy and transform the future of energy storage in the developing world.

We have regular 1:1 sessions with the startup to explore market development opportunities and found a space at Here East for Alp Technologies to demonstrate its battery product to potential new clients. The startup’s batteries are currently powering Eagle Lab at Plexal as part of this demonstration, and are set to leave the lab for real-world project on in Lincolnshire…



The V&A East: making connections and workshopping ideas

The Victoria and Albert Museum is setting up V@A East in the Cultural Quarter on Plexal’s doorstep, and has become a member of our workspace.

We facilitated a workshop with the V&A’s customer experience team to explore emerging technologies and how they might use improve the visitor experience. We explored technology like augmented reality for displaying objects in 3D, the role 5G could play and the possibility of partnering with Transport for London or a telecoms company to connect with a visitor before they arrive at the museum – and before they’ve even decided to visit.

We also connected the V&A to Bartlett School of Architecture, adding them to a conversation we were already having about the future of how cities will influence culture.



Championing inclusive innovation with Disability Rights UK

Disability Rights UK represents disabled people across the UK. It wants to make society and the economy more accessible for people living with a disability.

We have worked with the organisation in a number of ways. CEO Kamran Mallick took part in our OpenDoor accelerator, Disability Rights UK has co-designed changes to our physical workspace to make Plexal more accessible and we’ve also partnered with each other to deliver ELIEZ: the East London Inclusive Enterprise Zone.

BADU: their mission is our mission

BADU is a community interest company that works with young people, their families and schools to tackle challenges like inequality, food poverty, gang culture and mental health. It’s looking for funding and wanted support to get a new project off the ground.

The Plexal team have worked directly with BADU to support their funding ambitions and our managing director sits on BADU’s board. We also worked closely with BADU during the pandemic, providing a space for young people to study and funding BADU’s holiday hamper campaign for families in east London.

Bidding with Barclays

Barclays is a multinational investment bank and financial services company. It hosts its flagship Eagle Lab at Plexal as part of its commitment to supporting innovation.

So when it came to bidding for a project, Plexal and Barclays partnered with each other and leveraged our close relationship to successfully win the bid for the Manchester Digital Innovation and Security Hub (DISH).

Bidstack: immersed in an eSport cluster

Bidstack has changed the face of in-game advertising by delivering immersive, tailored ads within games across multiple platforms. Having achieved rapid growth since joining Plexal, it wanted to reach new clients.

Plexal connected Bidstack with a global technology company to help the startup make connections in the US market. Here East is also a growing cluster for eSports, and Plexal was able to introduce Bidstack to a leading eSport company that’s about to join the campus.

Relate Data: clients and connections

The cybersecurity startup helps businesses protect themselves from threats from the inside and outside and is quickly growing its client base.

Plexal introduced Relate Data to Here East and we ran a proof of concept with the team.

Drumming up appetite and new business for Mealhub

Mealhub is a food delivery startup that wants to connect with venues and offices to bring its lunch-in-a-locker offering to more people.

We introduced the team to Here East and Get Living, which resulted in the startup successfully winning a contract.

XRAIL Group: connecting with our mobility cluster

With an international network of engineers and managers, XRAIL Group delivers end-to-end engineering solutions and services.

Thanks to the mobility cluster Plexal has built, Plexal was able to introduce the company to the Department for Transport. And having joined Plexal by taking an office, XRAIL GROUP is now taking an entire mezzanine as it continues to grow.

Demand Logic: bid support and introductions

Demand Logic’s software gives property managers insights that help them save energy, reduce maintenance time and optimise factors like temperature. The startup is looking for more properties to collaborate with.

Plexal introduced Demand Logic to Here East, which is now a client, and has supported the team with bids.


Xerini: client connections

Software startup Xerini helps organisations make the most of their data. It wanted to grow its client base in both the public and private sectors. Plexal has shared seven collaboration opportunities, including introductions to Plexal members and the UK government.


CyberOwl: making waves in Oman

The startup helps the maritime and critical national infrastructure sectors manage security threats in complex environments. Using data analytics and machine learning, it gives asset operators visibility over the security status of their remote, operational assets. This allows them to predict threats and act on them in advance. Having graduated from our LORCA accelerator, CyberOwl has remained a Plexal member.

Meanwhile, Plexal has formed strategic partnerships with Oman, having been commissioned by the UK Oman Digital Hub to deliver a cross-border accelerator for Omani startups. Oman is a destination for shipping and is also growing its technology and cybersecurity sectors. Plexal helped CyberOwl develop a network and presence in Oman by brokering relationships with local partners and providing insights into the regional environment for cybersecurity.


Shoppar: client connections

Shoppar helps retailers use live customer data to deliver targeted marketing messages.

Having specialised in in-store marketing, it pivoted during the pandemic.The startup wanted to raise awareness for its digital eye tracking product that helps marketers gather data on how effective their online marketing is and build a strong portfolio of case studies.

Plexal introduced Shoppar to our member Outfly, a marketing agency, and Publicis, a multinational advertising company. We also ran a pilot with Shoppar and offered our community a free trial of Shoppar’s new online product.

Teaming up with Farabi Shayor to support young Omani innovators

Our member Farabi Shayor works for renewable energy startup Alp Technologies, but that’s not all. He’s also helping Plexal create startup toolkits for young people as part of our Innovate Oman programme.

He’s a startup founder himself and works with budding entrepreneurs at Imperial College London, where he’s a research lead. Farabi has been working closely with our innovation team to design the toolkit, which will be shared with participants of our programmes in Oman.



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