Plexal in 2023: Enhancing our commitment to create secure, prosperous communities

It’s been a phenomenal year for Plexal, during which we celebrated our sixth birthday. Month after month, we’ve continued, and built upon, our existing work to forge partnerships in line with our mission of closing the gap between organisations to solve society’s challenges through collaboration to create secure, prosperous UK communities. As a team, we’ve […]

CyNam EmPowerCyber 2023: Inspiring the next generation of female cyber talent

With volunteers encouraged to wear glitter, bright colours and sequins, a soundtrack including Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce and 1,000 schoolgirl attendees, the CyNam EmPowerCyber event on Friday 17th November was quite the spectacle to behold. But Cheltenham’s cyber ecosystem didn’t get dressed up in fun, sparkly outfits without reason, they were part of […]

Inclusive and innovative leaders join Cyber Runway Ignite

The selected founders come from diverse backgrounds spanning everything from the military to education to performing arts and have a mission to bring more inclusivity to the sector and break down barriers, while simultaneously building solutions to enhance our security. We’re pleased to continue our partnership with the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) […]

Using failure as fuel for the entrepreneurial journey

We were joined by serial entrepreneur Melissa Chambers for our most recent Cyber Lates event, which discussed the F-word. That’s right… failure was the topic of the night. In conversation with Plexal Innovation Consultant, Alan Every, Melissa reflected on her entrepreneurial journey so far, detailing what she’s learnt from unexpected mishaps along the way to […]

The Launch aims and ideas of 24 budding cyber entrepreneurs 

Time flies when you’re having fun and, following our May reveal that Cyber Runway is back for its third year, we’ve just concluded our three-day Launch bootcamp for budding cyber entrepreneurs. Plexal designed and delivered Cyber Runway: Launch – which is funded by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology and supported by Deloitte and […]

In conversation with Dell Technologies UK at DTX

The Digital Transformation Expo (DTX) is the North of England’s biggest enterprise IT event. As the anchor of Manchester Tech Week 2023, this digital transformation expo focuses on how organisations can improve connectivity and implement cutting-edge enterprise technologies.  Dell Technologies, in collaboration with Intel, was invited to sponsor DTX, hosting a session entitled ‘Securing the future: Boosting your cyber […]

How UK councils have tackled cyber security challenges to benefit their communities

Connected places (also known as smart cities) are community-based locations that use technologies, enabling local authorities to enhance the quality of living for citizens. With sensors, hardware, networks and applications used for connected places, local authorities can leverage insights to improve services from transport to utilities and more. However, there’s a risk of cyber attacks […]

Space, the final frontier for cyber security?

Plexal, in collaboration with Security Lancaster (an umbrella of Lancaster University’s Cyber Security activities), recently hosted a Space / Cyber security event to explore the dual risks in both domains and how the sectors can collaborate to overcome emerging threats to the booming commercial space sector. It’s clear that cyber security challenges in the commercial space […]

Plexal and DSIT buckle up as co-pilots for Cyber Runway 3.0

We at Plexal are thrilled to have reinforced our partnership with the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology through the arrival of Cyber Runway 3.0. This aligns with our position as the innovation company solving society’s challenges through collaboration with government, startups and industry. Cyber Runway is supported by the Centre for Secure Information Technologies […]

National Cyber Security Show: Innovation through collaboration 

Individually, we’re strong but together we’re stronger. While a startup has exciting new ideas, government and industry possess insights and resources. So, what happens when you throw them together and blend up their respective expertise? You get innovation through collaboration. This was the key topic delivered at the National Cyber Security Show (NCSS) on Thursday […]

From neurodivergent skills to password eradication – meet the second DiSH Accelerator cohort 

Our first Digital Security Hub (DiSH) Accelerator Programme ended in February. Since then, we’ve left the heat high to ensure the joint mission between Plexal, Barclays Eagle Labs, Lancaster University, University of Manchester and Manchester City Council keeps cooking. We’ve developed DiSH with a target of supporting 500 startups and creating over 1,000 jobs in Greater Manchester and […]

Ensuring smart city building blocks have a robust foundation

Smart cities; connected places; digital cities – no matter your preferred term of endearment for these tech-centric locations, they’re fast becoming the standard by which governments and organisations hope to improve operational efficiencies in busy living spaces. While accounting for under 2% of Earth’s surface, the UN has revealed cities use 78% of the world’s […]

NCSC For Startups: The “life-changing” power of relationship building

With the most recent NCSC for Startups programme now over, we’re delighted to have had the graduating startups praise the initiative as “hugely inspiring and rewarding”, “transformational” and even “life-changing”. To recap, the innovative companies that joined us and the National Cyber Security Centre at the start of this year included: It was fantastic to […]

Imagine, explore and share – turn your ideas into positive community impact

Are you a community-minded citizen or SME? Full of ideas? Keen on solving challenges? We’ve got just the opportunity to bring your thoughts to life and positively impact our planet in the process. As part of our North Yorkshire Cyber Security Network, we’re delivering hands-on support throughout March with a series of moments for people to […]

Mission to diversify Omani economy and create jobs underway with Cyber Oman 

Plexal, in partnership with the UK Oman Digital Hub, digital risk management consultancy PGI and innovation development company ALJABR, have welcomed a new cohort of SMEs to the Cyber Oman project.  Our mission is to create a cyber secure ecosystem of SMEs and upskilling the Omani workforce in cyber security, all of which is important to […]