Lloyds Banking Group and VIVIDA

Uncovering a new way to deliver cyber training

Lloyds Banking Group is our enterprise member of LORCA, our cybersecurity programme. The organisation wanted to explore new ways of delivering cybersecurity awareness training.

VIVIDA is a LORCA graduate that uses VR and immersive storytelling to deliver cyber training that resonates with people on an emotional level.

LORCA has been working with VIVIDA to help develop its customer base and make its business model more sustainable. After defining what Lloyds Banking Group needed, LORCA connected the banking group with VIVIDA and worked with both parties to accelerate the contracting process.

The initial internal pilot was a success and VIVIDA won the contract with Lloyds Banking Group after its training solution received positive feedback.

VIVIDA then turned its VR solution into a desktop-friendly version for colleagues who were working from home during the pandemic.



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