Marketing Director

Marketing Director

The role

Reporting directly to the Managing Director, the Marketing Director’s primary responsibility is to generate revenue by increasing sales through successful marketing for the entire organisation, using market research, pricing, marketing communications, advertising and public relations. It’s essential that the marketing director works alongside the innovation services team and oversees the workspace and sales function to distribute Plexal’s message and uses metrics to grow the base of customers across the various channels.

The marketing director consistently strives to optimise and shorten the sales lifecycle by generating high quality leads resulting in short conversion rates, using content marketing and other funnel optimisation strategies.

The marketing director recognises that due to the start-up nature of Plexal, the role will straddle both strategy and operational execution. Due to the age and size of Plexal, this is also a very hands-on role initially, until we build out the team and successfully execute our financial model. Like the rest of Plexal’s leadership team, our marketing director will not be hesitant to “roll up their sleeves”, pitch in across the business and operate in a very dynamic, fast-paced environment. 

Key responsibilities

The marketing director has two audiences (Start Ups and the Enterprises) and the marketing director will have key deliverables for both cohorts to help sales drive revenues:

  1. Drive awareness of Plexal
    • Marketing communications and PR – defining the company and executive narratives, working with media, through conferences, and other avenues to raise awareness and understanding. Offline and native ad buying also resides here. Ensuring we are taking a position on issues that matter to our community and clients and developing our position as thought-leaders in technology and innovation within our industry.
    • Understanding our clients – Getting to know our membership base and telling their stories to position Plexal’s value as a network, destination and community.
    • Brand positioning – Develop a very clear definition of what the brand is (and isn’t); this includes positioning the brand relative to our competitors. This was defined in the early stages of Plexal’s formation, but refinement will be needed down the road – updating it based on market traction, customer feedback, desired differentiation, and more.
    • Creative – translate the brand positioning into reality through advertisements, marketing collateral, web design, our events and innovation services, and even the user interface/ user experience of the physical ecosystem
    • Research/analytics – develop informed points of view on non-financial but critical measures of performance, such as: brand awareness, target audience, competitive positioning, etc. Best practices here include leveraging both primary and secondary research sources.
  2. Lead generation and sales
    • Lead customer discovery process to find marketmessage, and value proposition that resonates with target audience (clients, employees and other stakeholders).
    • User acquisition/lead generation (direct acquisition of actual and potential customers) – this involves multiple channels, including Plexal events & external conferences, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, social and content advertising. Create strategic messaging and generate demand with a strong focus on building a strong demand funnel
    • Managing the sales function for workspace and venue hire to meet revenue targets.
  3. Sponsored events
    • Responsible and accountable for the events revenue generation channel. The Head of Events will report to the marketing director. The Head of Events provides eventing to support the key business strategies of Plexal (currently cyber and mobility).

Skills and experience

The marketing director is both analytical and creative and should have knowledge across multiple disciplines including sales, information technology, legal and finance. The marketing director plans, directs and coordinates the marketing budget according to Plexal’s goals. The marketing director has a university degree and many years of well-rounded marketing experience in positions of increasing responsibility. The marketing director has several years of experience in a senior management role too.

  • Superb analytical skills and commercial acumen
  • Sales experience
  • Articulate story-teller and producer / manager of high-quality content
  • Keen eye for design and marketing collateral layout
  • Passion and interest in innovation and technology
  • Must have managed and inspired teams
  • High competence in stakeholder engagement and management
  • Passionate customer advocacy
  • Thorough knowledge of marketing principles, brand, product and service management
  • Deep understanding of changing market dynamics
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Have experience reporting and presenting to a board

Behavioural skills

  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility and resilience
  • Negotiation
  • Strategic intent
  • A doer as well as a thinker
  • Team worker and collaborator

To apply for this position, candidates must be eligible to live and work in the UK.

Plexal is an equal opportunities employer.

To apply for this job email your details to