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Yoga @ Plexal

Join us every third Wednesday of the month when we start our day with a grounding yoga class with our resident yoga teacher Lotte Rice.

These morning sessions will leave you refreshed and ready to start the day with a clear mind. You’ll also take away practical advice that will help you tackle stress and tension.

Our classes are open to non-members as well, so do join us!

What to expect

This 45-minute class is held virtually on Zoom. The format is meeting style and cameras are turned on for introductions at the beginning. After this, participants are muted. You can choose to turn your camera off at this point if you like.

What to bring

You’ll need a yoga mat and a few props to hand. Don’t worry if you don’t have the official gear, there are plenty of everyday household items you can use:

  • A bolster, or a couple of firm sofa cushions
  • Two yoga blocks or a few chunky books (cookbooks work well)
  • A yoga strap (a large towel or long belt subs work well here)

If you have any questions or accessibility requirements, reach us on community@plexal.com

RSVP on Eventbrite for your Zoom link.

About Lotte

Lotte Rice is a big believer in the power of the breath. She studied a BA in Acting from RADA, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, where she learnt the importance of breathing through vocal training. She was struck by the similarities between her formal acting training and her casual yoga practice. Both required a physical practice to liberate the body and release tension, using breathwork to ground you in the present moment.

She trained as a yoga teacher and now delivers classes that are intuitive, playful and gentle. When she’s not teaching at Plexal she delivers inclusive, affordable classes to the local community. 


Date / Time:
September 15 @
8:00 am - 8:45 am
Plexal Park